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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Has Sold Over 22 Million Units

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has hit an incredible milestone in sales.
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Has Sold Over 22 Million Units

Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has sold over 22 million units, making it one of the top five highest-selling Pokemon games of all time.

Nintendo's quarterly financial report revealed that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has sold 22.10 million units, Pokemon Sword & Shield has sold 25.82 million units, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus has sold 14.83 million units.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet was released to incredible sales, with it becoming Nintendo's biggest launch of all time. Critically though, it fared less well, with fans running into glitches and bugs galore, with some performance issues present in the title that Nintendo is yet to patch out. That didn't stop it from hitting some massive milestones though, and it's only likely to grow bigger and bigger later this year.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will be getting a first piece of DLC content later this year, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: Teal Mask, and it'll bring back a whole host of Pokemon that fans have been missing such as:

  • Chikorita.
  • Bayleef.
  • Meganium.
  • Totodile.
  • Croconaw.
  • Feraligatr.
  • Sentret.
  • Furret.
  • Bulbasaur
  • Charmander
  • Squirtle