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Will Project L Be A Free-To-Play Game?

Will Project L be free-to-play? Here’s the answer from the developers over at Riot Games and more News surrounding this upcoming 2D fighter.
Will Project L Be A Free-To-Play Game?

The upcoming 2D fighting game developed by Riot Games, called Project L, was announced in November last year, and fans have been excited to see what they can expect from the same devs that brought us League of Legends. To that end, Riot games have released a video update on the game, and the news is exciting.

So below, we will go through all the news regarding this new Riot Games update and answer some burning questions you might have, particularly whether or not the game will be free-to-play. 

Will Project L Be Free-To-Play?

Cutting straight to the point, yes, Project L will be free-to-play once it releases, as outlined in the official update from the developers over at Riot games. During this update, it was also stated that Riot games have promised to make all monetization/microtransactions within the game fair and respectful to fans' time and wallets. 

Tom Cannon, the senior director for Project L, has stated that they want to carry on Riot's tradition of making games accessible for anyone, regardless of where they live or how much money they could spend on a video game. So we can only hope that this means the game's core aspects are free, and players are left to splurge on cool extras that don't impact the gaming experience for all players.

The game hasn't been given a release date yet, and this video also did not mention anything to that effect. Though Tom states that there will be one final announcement coming later, which will likely include the game's release date and some more details surrounding the game. 

Will Project L Be Free-To-Play Illaoi announced
Aside from the game being free to play, its also been announced that there will be a new Champion named Illaoi joining the fray. (Picture: Riot Games)

It was also highlighted that a developer blog post was released for fans to check out and see what new and exciting content is on the horizon for Project L. The most prominent information was the announcement of a new Champion named Illaoi the Kraken Priestess, described as a spiritual leader of her people and a powerhouse of a character. 

As stated in their blog post, the developers have been working hard with Illoi's character design and mechanics. And as Tom mentions in the update, the team has honed in a lot of the game's core functionality and features and has now moved on to creating Champions or building secondary features such as the social systems and competitive play. 

Will Project L Be Free-To-Play Stay tuned for more news
Stay tuned for more news on Project L as the game gets its final update soon. (Picture: Riot Games)

With all this in mind, Project L is gearing up to be a title we highly recommend you check out once it releases. So be sure to check back here soon for more updates on the game as the information becomes available.  

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Featured image courtesy of Riot Games.