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QuakeCon at Home: Schedule and how to watch

The 25th annual Quakecon is set to be an online event this year due to the virus pandemic, so here’s what you need to know about the event.
QuakeCon at Home: Schedule and how to watch

While usually an in-person convention to celebrate everything id Software, this year’s QuakeCon is set to be a slightly different affair. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s 25th annual QuakeCon will take place entirely online, offering 60 straight hours of non-stop streams. 

What’s in store though? And what even is QuakeCon? Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming event. 


Wait, what is QuakeCon? 

Quakecon is huge yearly event (Picture: Bethesda/Quakecon)

Quakecon is a yearly convention used as a vessel to promote developer id Software’s past and future titles, named after their landmark title Quake. 

Thousands of fans have previously flocked to the event for special panels, tournaments and game demos for upcoming titles from Bethesda

This year’s event was scheduled to take place in Dallas, Texas, but after being cancelled on 31st March, will now take place entirely online for the first time. 


So why should I bother with QuakeCon at Home?

Who doesn’t love a panel? There’s set to a huge amount of game dev talks covering games like The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Dishonored and more. 

There’s also the grand finals of the Quake World Championship, one of the customary highlights of the event each year. 


What is the schedule for QuakeCon at Home? 

Quakecon Schedule
Quakecon is here (Picture: Bethesda) 

Quakecon at Home spans three days from Friday 7th August to Sunday 9th August. You can check out the schedule across each day below. 


Friday 7th August

  • Welcome to Quakecon at Home - 12pm ET/9am PT/ 5pm BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online voice-over chat, featuring Jennifer Hale and Robbie Daymond - 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm BST
  • Fallout 76 - A Colossal Problem Boss event - 2pm ET/11am PT/7pm BST
  • Doom Eternal - Ultra Nightmare With Achievement Hunter - 3.30pm ET/12.30pm PT/8.30pm BST
  • Representation in Video Games - 5pm ET/2pm PT/10pm BST
  • Prey Tell with Janina Gavanka and Susan Kath - 6pm ET/3pm PT/11pm BST
  • Doom Eternal Panel with Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton - 7.30pm ET/4.30pm PT/12.30am BST
  • Alienware Hour with Rxysurfchic - Final Achievements in Doom Eternal - 10pm ET/7pm PT/3am BST
  • 3 Amigos and their (Doom) Demons - 11pm ET/8pm PT/4am BST


Saturday 8th August

  • Fallout 76 - C.A.M.P. Competition and Showcase - 12am ET/9pm PT/5am BST
  • Fallout 76 - Australia and New Zealand Community Session with TYR, Moonlitcharlie and CaptainNoob - 12.30am ET/9.30pm PT/5.30am BST
  • Fallout - Cooking Show with Bethesda Australia and New Zealand - 2am ET/11pm PT/7am BST
  • Fallout Cosplay - Interview with Snovcreations - 3am ET/12am PT/8am BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Charity Stream for Unicef - 4am ET/1am PT/9am BST
  • Prey: Mooncrash - You Decide - 5am ET/ 2am PT/10am BST
  • The Secrets of Doom Eternal - 6.30am ET/ 3.30am PT/11.30am BST
  • Arkane 20: Dishonored with Elly the Geek and Arkane - 8am ET/5am PT/1pm BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - Conquering Icereach - 9am ET/6am PT/2pm BST
  • Skyrim Challenges - Team Stormcloaks vs the Imperials - 10am ET/7am PT/3pm BST
  • Fallout 76 - Creative C.A.M.P. Building - 11am ET/8am PT/4pm BST
  • Doom Eternal Battlemode - Friday Night Fights - Invitational Finals - 12.30pm ET/9.30am PT/5.30pm BST
  • Chad: A Fallout 76 Story podcast - Quakecon at Home edition - 3pm ET/12pm PT/8pm BST
  • The Best Elder Scrolls Online role-play on Twitch - 5pm ET/2pm PT/10pm BST
  • A Dishonored Tabletop Adventure - 6pm ET/3pm PT/11pm BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online Gearless and Fearless Dungeon Run - Featuring Nicole Savoy - 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am BST
  • Doom Eternal with 3 Chubby Bastards - 10pm ET/7pm PT/3am BST
  • Robert Whitaker and Pete Hines play the Elder Scrolls Online - 11pm ET/8pm PT/4am BST


Sunday 9th August

  • Bethesda Cosplay - Competition Showcase - 12am ET/9pm PT/5am BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - Australia Community Session with Tamriel Downunder - 12.30am ET/9.30pm PT/5.30am BST
  • The Elder Scrolls - Cooking Show with Bethesda Australia and New Zealand - 2am ET/11pm PT/7am BST
  • Doom Eternal - Nightmare blindfold challenge with TheSpudHunter - 3am ET/12am PT/8am BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - My World with Aeyvi - 4am ET/1am PT/9am BST
  • Fallout 76 Sightseeing - 5am ET/2am PT/10am BST
  • Fallout 4 - ItsJabo’s Speedrun - 6am ET/3am PT/11am BST
  • Fallout 76 - Global Community Team Free Play - 8am ET/5am PT/1pm BST
  • Speedrunning Doom Eternal - On Ultra Nightmare Mode - 9.30am ET/6.30am PT/2.30pm BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - PVP Masterclass with Rubensky - 11am ET/8am PT/4pm BST
  • Doom II - FFA Finals - Take The Crown - 12pm ET/9am PT/5pm BST
  • A Dishonored Tabletop Adventure (continued) - 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm BST
  • Quake World Championship - Grand Finals - 5pm ET/2pm PT/10pm BST
  • The Elder Scrolls Online - Live Art Creation and chat - 7pm ET/4pm PT/12am BST
  • Mooncrash with Lawrence Sonntag and Ricardo Bare - 8pm ET/5pm PT/1am BST
  • The Evil Within with Poiised and TeeCup181 - 9pm ET/6pm PT/2am BST
  • The Evil Within 2 with John Johanas and Jonny Roses - 10pm ET/7pm PT/3am BST


How can I watch Quakecon at Home?

The entire event will be streamed live on Bethesda’s Twitch channel.