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Rasputin blows up the Almighty in Destiny 2's first Fortnite-like live event

The event that was criticised for its lengthy duration signifies the end of the Season of the Worthy.
Rasputin blows up the Almighty in Destiny 2's first Fortnite-like live event

As Bungie prepares the new era of Destiny 2 with extensive changes set to be revealed next June 9th, the Season of the Worthy is nearing its end, with the developers wanting to say send it off with a bang.

The overarching story of the season revolved around The Almighty being on a collision course set to impact The Last City, Destiny 2's central hub, with players tasked to power up the Warmind Rasputin to combat this impending threat.


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(Picture: Bungie)


Well, after months of grind, The Almighty was taken down in spectacular, if albeit very slow, fashion. Players that logged in to Destiny 2 were able to see as a swarm of missiles tore down the ship, making it crash land near the Tower.



The big criticisms the event received was its duration. Players interested in witnessing the live event were told by creative lead Lars Bakken, to be at the Tower starting at 4 pm GMT. After the light show began, it lasted for nearly 90 minutes.

Users voiced their concerns on platforms like Reddit and Twitter, while praising the sheer spectacle of the event to cap off an entire season, some claimed spending over an hour and a half waiting to happen was just too much.

The most voted comment on the Reddit thread for the event states that the "missile portion should have been sped up and then make it a 30 minute event instead of a 90 minute one."

Lars Bakken would later thank the Guardians that stuck around to watch everything unfold in its entirety, stating that delivering this way of storytelling represented a challenge for the entire dev team.



“It was a grand idea, required a lot of new tech that didn’t exist, and importantly was a labour of love by the team. Take care of yourselves and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.”


How to get the Rasputin vs Almighty Emblem

Even if you didn't log in during the event, you can still get the Emblem titled Seraph's Wings by inspecting the crash site near Zavala in the Tower. Here’s where to find it.



Destiny 2’s base game is currently free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with the latest expansion Shadowkeep available to purchase on all platforms