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Raw Ash Guide In Conan Exiles - Use & Location

Here's our full guide on how to locate and use the useful Raw Ash resource in Conan Exiles.
Raw Ash Guide In Conan Exiles - Use & Location

Mining is an important part of Conan Exiles because it allows you to obtain rarer materials needed for upgrades or crafting. There are numerous ingredients in the game, some of which are more difficult to obtain than others, and one of these is Raw Ash.

If you're curious to know more about how to find and use Raw Ash then you're in the right place. Below we will be giving you a detailed breakdown of the location and uses for Raw Ash in Conan Exiles. 

Raw Ash Guide In Conan Exiles - Use & Location

Raw Ash is used to create various items, potions, and the very useful potent compost, which is used to grow living things, and is a vital asset to any rising sorcerer. The component itself can be found in a few different locations in Conan Exiles. 

Raw Ash Guide In Conan Exiles Use & Location Volcano Biome
Raw as can be mined in the Volcano Biome near the Shrine of the Oracle. (Picture: Conan Exiles Fandom)

To get started, the Volcano biome is the easiest place to farm Raw Ash and where you should head first. After you've made your way there, head towards the Shrine of the Oracle and start mining the obsidian deposits in the area. Using a sickle is the best method to mine the resource as you'll be able to mine faster and yield more of the resource. 

However, farming Raw Ash is not limited to mining. Various techniques could help you obtain more ingredients, but you would need to grind a lot of them. Looting NPCs that you kill while attempting to defend your home or while traveling is one of the methods. The Raw Ash you need has a low chance to drop from this, but looting numerous NPCs will increase your chances of finding more of them.

Raw Ash Guide In Conan Exiles Use & Location Mining with a sickle
Using a sickle can be the fastest way to farm Raw Ash or you can hunt monsters who drop the resource. (Picture: YouTube / Conan ́s Lounge)

Dealing with specific creatures and taking their loot is another way to find Raw Ash. You can slay Lloigor and Living Magma to obtain the resource, but not all creatures will drop the substance. The Well of Skelos in the Volcano biome's Desert has Living Magma. And Lloigors are located in the Floodlands biome's Isle of Siptah.

Be sure to prepare for battle when taking on these beasts as they aren't the easiest to defeat, but after fighting enough of them you'll quickly be able to farm them efficiently. And that's everything you need to know about locating and using the Raw Ash in Conan Exiles. 

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Featured image courtesy of Funcom.