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Conan Exiles Console Commands Guide - All Admin Commands

Learn how to access the Admin Commands on Conan Exiles and the full list of console commands available for private PvP servers.
Conan Exiles Console Commands Guide - All Admin Commands

Conan Exiles is a popular survival game by Funcom initially released in 2017; however, the developers recently launched the Age of Sorcery major update. As a result, many new players have flocked to the game.

In addition to playing on official servers, players can also host private servers in Conan Exiles. Server admins can modify the game by enabling commands granting invulnerability, invisibility, teleportation, and more.

This guide details how to access the Admin Panel in Conan Exiles and the full list of admin console commands available in the game.

How To Access The Command Interface in Conan Exiles

conan exiles admin console list of commands
You can access the Admin Panel by pressing the tilde (~) key. (Picture: Funcom)

To access the admin command interface in Conan Exiles, you must press the tilde key (~) on a keyboard and then login as an administrator using the following command: "MakeMeAdmin," followed by a password. Example: MakeMeAdmin password123

You can toggle the Admin Panel UI by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C. Once enabled, the Admin Panel will grant you the ability to make various admin-level changes to a private game server. Note that you require a keyboard to enter admin commands.

Conan Exiles Admin Commands List

how to access admin panel conan exiles
Admins can change various aspects of the game using admin commands via the Admin Panel. (Picture: YouTube / Smskcntr)

Here are all the admin commands that you can use in Conan Exiles. Unfortunately, these commands will not work on official servers, only private PvP servers.

Command Description
MakeMeAdmin [AdminPassword] Enter Admin mode
MakeMeNormal Exit Admin mode
LearnEmote [emote] Shows Emote menu
God Toggle God Mode
PlayerCanBuildEverywhere [PlayerName] Allows the player to build anywhere
ToggleDebugHUD Displays player data
LevelFollowerUpTo [Value] Levels up Follower to a user-defined value (max 20)
SetFollowerStat [stat] [value]

Sets attribute to the chosen value where [stat] equals:

  • AttributeHealth
  • AttributeStamina
  • AttributeMight
  • AttributeAthleticism
  • AttributeAccuracy
  • AttributeEncumbrance
  • AttributeMetabolism
  • DamageModifierMelee
  • DamageModifierRanged
Teleport Self-explanatory
TeleportPlayer X[float] Y[float] Z[float] Teleports yourself or another player to a specific location on the map
TeleportToPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports your character to another player's location
SummonPlayer [PlayerName] Teleports a player to your location
Fly Enters Fly mode (lets players fly)
Ghost Enters Ghost mode (enables Invisibility, Fly mode, and unobstructed movement)
Walk Exits Fly or Ghost Mode

Grants zero stamina drain while sprinting

Cloak Grants Invisibility to NPCs (even during combat)
Invisibility Grants Invisibility to players and NPCs
ViewPlayer [PlayerName] Moves camera to target player
ViewSelf Centers camera back to the player's character
ShowPlayers Displays a list of all active players
DamageTarget [Value] Damages a target
DestroyTarget Deletes a target structure
SpawnItem [ItemID] [Quantity] Spawns item(s)
PrintPlayerInfo Returns details of a player
BroadcastMessage [Message] Sends all-chat to every player
GetServerHealth Returns server stats (FPS, #Players, #Spawns, etc.)
GetAllServerSettings Returns a list of modifiable server settings (use with next admin command)
SetServerSetting serverSetting[FString] Value[FString] Modify server settings
SetEnergy [type] [Value]

Set characters' energy levels

  • Type 0 = Corruption
  • Type 1 = Heat
FlushLog Clears server log
BuildingIdentify Gets details (ID, Owner Name, Owner ID, Coordinates, etc.) of a building
BuildingDestroy [building ID] Destroys a building where [building ID] is the unique identifier of the building
StartPlayerPurge Starts Purge

Ends Purge

StartNextPurgePhase Starts new Purge cycle

We want to thank the Conan Exiles Wiki page and YouTube channel Smskcntr for their complete tutorial on using cheats and admin commands in Conan Exiles. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Funcom.