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Redfall Shown Off At Xbox Showcase

Redfall Finally Has A Release Date!
Redfall Shown Off At Xbox Showcase

The showcase also reconfirmed that you can play the game both online with friends and offline and that it works regardless of the choice you make, settling the worries that many had about the game being massively different from your typical Arkane game.


The gameplay shown also explains specifically how combat works, with comparisons to Deathloop easy to make. There are also multiple different types of vampires that you can take out in your exploration, as well as huge nests that need clearing out if the city is to become habitable again. 

Arkane also explained that akin to Dishonored, you should always be ready to improvise at all times, regardless of if you're fighting against cultists or if you're fighting against actual vampires. Stealth or action, the choice is yours, but things can and will go wrong, and you need to be prepared for that.

Vampire Nests seem to be the horde bases of the map and are randomized every time you enter. If you die, it'll change, and you have to make it to the heart in order to fully take out the nest, all the while fighting off a massive amount of vampires. Each of your teammates has their own abilities, meaning that you need to combine them to do the most damage possible.

You and up to three friends can play, or if you'd prefer, you can go it alone and take all the glory of the hunt yourself. 

Redfall will be coming to Xbox Game Pass this year, specifically on May 2nd of this year. That's just enough time to prep your garlic.