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Resident Evil Village demo teased in Capcom survey

In a new survey from Capcom, the publisher asked if fans would be interested in a Resident Evil 8, aka Village demo.
After a tonne of leaks and speculation, Capcom officially revealed Resident Evil Village (or Resident Evil 8 if you will) to the world at Sony's PS5 future of gaming event. Now, the publisher has hinted at a Resident Evil Village demo in a new survey.


Resident Evil Village demo

Resident Evil 7 got a demo close to its launch, which gave fans a taste of the first-person horror, which turned out amazingly well. Capcom doesn't shy away from giving fans a taste of a game before release, so a Resident Evil Village demo is very likely to happen.

In a survey from Capcom, the publisher asked fans how likely they would be to try a Resident Evil 8 demo, and the answer should most certainly be "completely likely". 



This survey has several questions about the Resident Evil franchise. It also asks players which next-gen console players would be most interested in playing Resident Evil Village on.



The survey also mentions a digital-only version of the Xbox Series X, which hasn't been revealed just yet, but it does give credence to the Lockheart rumours which have been floating around for several months.


Resident Evil Village 8 Demo capcom survey
A screenshot from the Capcom survey with our answer (Picture: Capcom)


At the time of writing, it is unclear when (or even if) a Resident Evil Village demo will release. Simply posing the question doesn't mean Capcom is going to release one, but it surely does mean they are thinking about it.