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Return to Monkey Island Free Otis From Prison Guide

Otis made his debut way back in Secret of Monkey Island, but it seems like he's in a bit of trouble in Return To Monkey Island. Let's find out how to free him from prison!
Return to Monkey Island Free Otis From Prison Guide

Otis has been a staple character of the Monkey Island series since the original Secret of Monkey Island game. It's always nice to see a familiar face, but when you first step foot on Melee Island in Return To Monkey Island, Otis appears to be in a spot of bother.

Your old friend appears to have had quite the run-in with the law and has gotten himself locked up! Naturally, it isn't too crazy to think that some kind of reward might be on offer if you manage to spring him from his cell.

So, let's find out just how exactly you can break Otis out of prison

How To Break Otis Out Of Prison In Return To Monkey Island

Return To Monkey Island
Return To Monkey Island is brimming with puzzles to solve (Picture: Devolver Digital)

Breaking Otis out of his jail cell is a multi-step process. First and foremost, players will need to play through the main story until they reach Melee Island. 

Eventually, you will embark on a quest to join LeChuck's crew at the docks close to Scumm Bar. Joining the crew is not so easily done and also involves a lot of hard work, but one of the objectives along the way is to craft a bunch of keys.

However, first, we need to speak with LeChuck and be rejected by him. Freeing Otis is a side quest that will unlock after LeChuck's quest is underway. Players will be initially rebuked by LeChuck, which will, in turn, open up the shops on Low Street.

From here, head over to Wally's map shop and pick up a monocle. Wally will inform you that the monocles are free samples, and you are free to take them. To free Otis, we will need two monocles, so grab the first one, exit and re-enter the shop, then pick up a second. 

Unlocking Otis' Cell

Return To Monkey Island
Return To Monkey Island has tons of achievements to unlock (Picture: Devolver Digital)

Now that you have your two monocles head back to the prison and combine your two monocles into an extra-strength magnifier.

You will then be able to read the serial number for Oti's jail cell lock. Make a quick note of this and head over to the locksmith on High Street.

Hand the note over to the locksmith, and he will give you a key that is able to free Otis from his prison cell. 

What Rewards Are There For Free Otis?

Unfortunately, there are no in-game benefits for freeing Otis from his prison cell. That being said, players will receive a brief interaction between the protagonist and Otis and be able to experience some unique dialogue that would have otherwise gone unread.

Additionally, players will unlock an in-game achievement for freeing their old friend, known as the "Hey Wait!" achievement.

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Featured image courtesy of Devolver Digital.