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How To Steal The Cook’s Mop In Return To Monkey Island

Guybrush is trying to find his way to Monkey Island, which involves a mop. Here's how to steal the Cook's mop in Return to Monkey Island.
How To Steal The Cook’s Mop In Return To Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island marks a thrilling return to the iconic adventure game series, in which players continue the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood. Feeling lost and unfulfilled, Guybrush returns to familiar locations as he attempts to find his way to the legendary Monkey Island.

As Guybrush and his long-time rival, LeChuck, reignite their swashbuckling affairs, they first need to find themselves aboard LeChuck’s ship with a disguise that includes a mop. This guide details how to steal a mop from the Cook on Mêlée Island in Return To Monkey Island.

Return To Monkey Island – How To Steal The Cook’s Mop

In Part 1 - A Friendly Place, players are placed on Mêlée Island as they look to put together a crew and acquire a ship to set course for the fabled Monkey Island. However, doing this will prove difficult after speaking with pirate leaders, so instead, they’ll board an enemy’s ship using a disguise and getting a mop.

return to monkey island guide cook's mop how to steal pirate leaders low street melee island
After speaking with the pirate leaders, Guybrush must find another way to reach Monkey Island. (Picture: Terrible Toybox)

This quest will task players with crafting a mop before boarding LeChuck’s ship and seizing it, but there’s another option. They can also steal the mop but must locate the Cook at SCUMM bar during the quest after having spoken to him on how to craft the mop.

Additionally, players must visit a cartographer at Wally’s shop on Low Street, visit the Governor’s mansion to track down a dish’s ingredients, and pen an apology for Carla after not returning a book.

From here, Carla advises them to return to the Cook at SCUMM bar, where they can hand over the book containing the ingredients to the Cook who sees him preparing the dish for the customer.

return to monkey island guide cook's mop how to steal cook scumm bar
While the Cook's distracted, you can try to nab his mop and head for the front door of the SCUMM bar. (Picture: YouTube / Trophy Tom)

The quest will have players carve a piece of wood from the mop handle resting against the door and give it to the cartographer. The other option is to steal the mop while the Cook is busy; in this case, players must hastily leave the kitchen, but the Cook prevents them from leaving with the mop.

A cutscene will play as the Cook angrily informs them not to touch his mop, and those playing on Steam can unlock one of the game’s hidden Achievements, “Mop Heist.” Unfortunately, players still need to craft the mop, so they’ll need to go back to carve out a piece of wood from the mop handle.

We want to thank the YouTube channel Trophy Tom for their complete walkthrough on stealing the Cook’s mop in Return to Monkey Island. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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Featured image courtesy of Terrible Toybox.