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Riders Republic: How to play with friends online, multiplayer modes, more

Embrace the "rider spirit" with friends as we explain how to play with them online in Riders Republic.
Riders Republic: How to play with friends online, multiplayer modes, more

Riders Republic is the upcoming extreme sports game from Ubisoft where players can traverse across an open world filled with plenty of slopes, rails and peaks to ride. Featuring iconic American locations, providing ample opportunities to explore, ride and share moments.

Riders can enhance their experience by sharing moments with friends online. Ubisoft has made it possible for the game’s multiplayer capabilities to be immersive and fun. We unpack how to invite friends in-game, the various multiplayer activities available and more.

Can you play online with friends in Riders Republic?

The short answer: yes!

Riders Republic’s races and events support multiplayer for players to invite their friends and join them on the slopes of Mammoth Mountain. The multiplayer activities available to Riders are as follows:

  • Free For All: Riders can duke it out against 11 other Riders in a series of events
  • Mass Race: A limited-time-event where you get to race against other riders
  • Tricks Battle: a 6v6 arena battle where Riders will have to perform tricks to score points within a district

The game’s multiplayer modes function differently across the available platforms the game supports. Regarding console choice, this wouldn’t be a factor as Ubisoft confirmed that Riders Republic supports cross-platform play.

However, lobbies on Xbox One and PS4 are a lot different from the lobbies on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, with the latter supporting up to 50 Riders. Whereas Xbox One and PS4 lobbies only support 20 Riders, players will still be able to play with friends online nonetheless.

How to create a social group invite in Riders Republic?

Riders can add their friends to social groups to enjoy various multiplayer activities available. (Picture: Ubisoft)

According to Ubisoft, for players to invite friends to ride the slopes or race along the dirt tracks, players will need to create a lobby or social group to invite up to five friends at a time. This allows players to participate in several multiplayer activities together as well as Solo and Versus modes.

To send invites to friends to join your social group, we advise the following guidelines in-game:

  • Head into the game’s main menu
  • To the bottom right of the screen, choose the option “Manage my group”
  • Select one of the available empty player slots and then select “Invite to group”
  • From the available categories, select one of the following: All, Friends, Around Me, Recent
  • Based on the chosen category, select the player you wish to send an invite request

Players will need to ensure that their friends own a copy of Riders Republic. Once the invite is sent, players will receive a notification if the invited player has accepted it. Players can find their invited friends on the World Map when exploring as a social group.

Riders still have time to pre-order their copy here ahead of the game's launch. Riders Republic will launch on 28th October 2021 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Amazon Luna and Stadia. 

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.