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Riders Republic: How to unlock the wingsuit and Air Races

Surge the skies, here’s how to unlock the wingsuit and the Air Races in Riders Republic.
Riders Republic: How to unlock the wingsuit and Air Races

Riders Republic allows players to jump into a variety of extreme sports housed in one game. While most of the time you'll stay grounded, it will only be a matter of time before players wonder about taking their adventures to the skies.

From snowboarding to skiing, none gives players pure adrenaline and freedom other than wingsuit flying. Wingsuit flying is one of the game’s biggest draws as players will get to spread their wings across the game’s vast map.

While it may not be readily available from the get-go, this guide will detail how players can unlock the wingsuit as well as its corresponding races in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic: How to unlock the wingsuit

riders republic extreme sports wingsuit big smile googles
Wingsuit flying won't be readily available to players in Riders Republic. (Picture: Ubisoft)

From launch, the wingsuit flying races won’t be available to players once they’ve arrived at the Riders Ridge base camp. However, all riders must complete the tutorials before heading out to the slopes or tracks.

After completing the tutorials, the Progression Tracker tool will be made available to players. Accessed from the pause menu, this tool will monitor your in-game progress but most importantly, you can view Stars which contributes to your game progress.

To unlock the wingsuit, players will need to have 30 Stars to be granted access to the Air Career and Paramotor. By unlocking this category, players will be able to acquire the wingsuit and its corresponding races.

While this may appear straightforward, earning Stars can be rather daunting for players. The best way of earning Stars in Riders Republic is by completing events but this isn’t enough.

Riders Republic: How to earn Stars

riders republic extreme sports wingsuit flying squad team
Players can complete events and event objectives to earn Stars. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Players can also view each event’s objectives which can reward players with additional Stars. Some of these objectives can include completing an event on a higher difficulty, performing specific tricks or stunts or finishing the event within a time limit.

Another way for players to earn Stars, perhaps a lot faster, is through exploration. There is a set of Exploration Activities in which players can access to view on their map. These activities can include landmarks, relics and special stunts which reward players with Stars.

But possibly the best way to earn Stars faster is by competing in events in the various multiplayer activities. Out of the available multiplayer activities available, Mass Races are by far the faster option for earning Stars.

In this limited-time event, players will compete against other players online in a series of multiple races. Each race will earn players Stars and if players ride to the end of a Mass Race, players will receive bonus Stars for completing the Mass Race.

Once players have earned 30 Stars or more, you will be able to unlock the wingsuit and air races. New adventures await players so have fun soaring the open blue skies and don’t look down.

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Featured image courtesy of Ubisoft.