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Rivals of Aether Sequel Rivals 2 Kickstarter Released

The sequel to the hit Indie fighting game has been announced.
Rivals of Aether Sequel Rivals 2 Kickstarter Released

The hugely popular Rivals of Aether platform fighting game has recently released a Kickstarter campaign for the follow-up title, Rivals 2. Along with tons of milestone rewards depending on the amount of money pledged for the game, the developers are also conducting an AMA on Reddit to answer any questions fans may have about the game. 

The team describes Rivals 2 as follows:

"Rivals 2 is an indie fighting game built by veterans of the genre. Our goal is to create the next generation of platform fighters and the dream game that our team wants to play. The Kickstarter is not to fund our entire project but rather to help us kick the game out the door in late 2024. We're so close to the finish line. With your help, we are looking to hire more people and load up the launch with as much content as we can."

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Rivals 2 is a platform fighting game. (Picture: Aether Studios)

With a goal of only $160,000, the team has already smashed through their goal to raise over $400,000. The Kickstarter is live until December 15, 2023, meaning this total will only continue to climb until development on the game officially begins. 

If you would like to donate to the Kickstarter, or participate in the AMA on Reddit, feel free to follow these links:


Reddit AMA


Kickstarter Page