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Rock Band 4 Rocks Out To One Last Show With Final DLC Confirmed

Rock Band studio Harmonix Music Systems announced the final DLC for Rock Band 4, ending an era with a rock symphony for the rhythm game!
Rock Band 4 Rocks Out To One Last Show With Final DLC Confirmed
(Picture: Harmonix Music System)

Developer Harmonix Music Systems announced that their current rhythm game, Rock Band 4, will receive one final DLC launching to consoles in January 2024. The studio detailed this announcement in a recent Harmonix Blog, providing information on the upcoming DLC and thanking players for their continuous support since the game’s launch eight years ago.

This comes after the studio had assisted in creating the Fortnite Festival, which went live last year, and confirmed some support arriving soon to Fortnite. The studio also addressed some players’ concerns regarding online support and live services for Rock Band 4 once the DLC has been released.

As detailed in the Harmonix Blog post, the studio’s Product Manager, Daniel Sussman, announced that Rock Band 4 would receive one last stadium performance with the final DLC confirmed for the rhythm game. The upcoming and unnamed DLC will be blasting onto PlayStation and Xbox consoles on 25th January 2024, which marks the end of an eight-year era for Rock Band 4; however, details on which tracks will be added have yet to be announced.

Regarding the success and accomplishment the team had accomplished since Rock Band 4’s launch, Sussman commented, “Taking a longer look back, I see the Rock Band DLC catalog as a huge achievement in persistence and commitment - over the years we’ve cleared, authored and released nearly 3,000 songs as DLC and well over 3,000 if you include all the game soundtracks.”

“Many of you reading this own a good chunk of this content, and we remain committed to protecting that investment - to be very clear, you can play the songs you own within Rock Band 4 for as long as you like,” Sussman continued in the blog post. As players will still own the music they’ve acquired in-game, he confirmed that live services will remain online, including online play functionality, the Rivals seasons, and other gameplay services.

As for what’s ahead for the studio, they have confirmed they will continue working on bringing peripheral support for the recently added rhythm experience, Fortnite Festival, together with Epic Games. Sussman added that those who've been enjoying this gameplay experience in Fortnite shouldn’t “hang up” their Rock Band 4 instruments as this support will be arriving soon.

Sussman concluded the blog post: "The last two weeks will feature some tear-jerkers that sum up our feelings about this moment. We thank you for your commitment to and passion for this wonderful game.“