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New Agent Screenshots Leak For Canceled Rockstar Game

Rockstar's canceled spy game Agent has recently had screenshots leaked online.
New Agent Screenshots Leak For Canceled Rockstar Game

Originally planned for release on the PS3 and other platforms, Rockstar's canceled spy game "Agent" never managed to see the light of day. It was stated to bring players into a world of espionage that would feature undercover missions, assassinations, and stealth. However, unfortunately, it was canceled midway through development. 

Agent was originally planned for release on PS3 and other platforms. (Picture: Rockstar)

Now, though, screenshots have surfaced online showcasing what the game might have looked like had it eventually been released. These screenshots, although rather barebones, give a sense of what the environments of Agent may have looked like. 

The first image is a map that would feature in the game. According to reports, dozens of maps would be part of Agent, and if they were all as sprawling as this one, the game would have surely been just as large and open-ended as any other Rockstar title. 

Additionally, several screenshots showing off an underwater location were also revealed. These show off both an overwater and underwater section and what appears to be some kind of construction site. 

Based on the screenshots alone, Agent seems like it would have had a lot of fun and interesting features to offer players. Whether or not Rockstar will return to this idea in the future remains to be seen.