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Rumors Surface Regarding a Possible Bioshock Remake

A return to the sunken city of Rapture might be on the horizon as rumors surface suggesting a possible Bioshock 1 remake.
Rumors Surface Regarding a Possible Bioshock Remake
2K Games

It's been a long time since I last explored the underwater city of Rapture, and likely the same for many players since BioShock 1 was released in 2007 (17 years ago, wow). Although we got a "remaster" in 2017, fans have always wanted a full remake with current-gen hardware and tech.

For many of us, this has been a pipe dream as we (in a more realistic mindset) awaited the announcement of BioShock 4. However, recent rumors hint at a full remake of the first BioShock game. But how credible are these rumors? Let's delve into the details and assess the likelihood of a BioShock remake below.

Could a BioShock Remake Be on the Horizon? Rumors Suggest It’s Possible

Rumors of a possible BioShock remake emerged on the GamingLeaksandRumours subreddit, where fans pointed to the LinkedIn profile of Brett Shupe, a 2K 3D Artist and Motion Capture Animator. According to Shupe's page, he is working on an "Upcoming Unannounced Remake," sparking hope for a BioShock remake.

Shupe's profile also indicates his involvement in the upcoming BioShock 4, making it plausible that he could be working on a BioShock remake as well. Given the advanced hardware available now compared to when the original BioShock or its remaster was released, a remake would make sense.

Additionally, this aligns with a previous Nvidia leak mentioning a BioShock RTX remaster. While the Nvidia leak isn't concrete evidence, an increasing number of the listed games have been officially confirmed. Considering the performance issues and crashes that plague BioShock Remastered, it would make sense for developers to want to offer players a more robust version of the game as their first BioShock experience.

Possible Bioshock Remake Leaks And Rumors
Considering the flaws and performance/visual fidelity issues with the first Bioshock title, many players would be first in line for a Bioshock remake. (Picture: 2K Games)

This potential remake would follow the trend of successful remakes of classic titles like Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space. Players are eager to pay for enhanced versions of beloved games, and it doesn’t get more classic than BioShock. Hopefully, we’ll hear more concrete news soon. For now, we’ll have to take these rumors with a grain of salt and wait for further updates.