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Scarf: Release date, trailer, gameplay, story, platforms, more

Fans of adventure platformer games will want to check out Scarf when the game releases this December, and here's everything you should know about this game.
Scarf: Release date, trailer, gameplay, story, platforms, more

Since the dawn of the digital era of video game distribution, platforms like Steam have become a paradise for a thriving indie scene, which has led to the revival of genres such are platformers, Metroidvanias, and roguelike games.

Scarf is a debut game from Uprising Studios, a small indie developer from Spain. This platformer is set to hit storefronts this December and it looks rather intriguing. It has an appealing visual style, an interesting mix of platforming and puzzle-solving, and some unique mechanics.

If you are into indie platformers and are looking for something to play over the holidays, Scarf might be just the right game for you, and here's everything we know about this title.

What is Scarf? Gameplay and features

Scarf: Release date, trailer, gameplay, story, platforms, more
In Scarf our dragon-shaped scarf will be our only friend. (Picture: Uprising Studios)

As we've already mentioned, Scarf is a 3D platformer with added puzzle-solving elements.

One of the main gameplay mechanics is the titular red scarf, which players will be able to use to traverse across the world, overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Players will learn new abilities as they progress, both for the main character and their scarf. 

You can expect your standard platforming moves such as double jump, dashing, sliding, and swinging, as well as something more unique, mostly related to your interaction with the scarf.

The game consists of several fully-fledged 3D worlds, each with its own unique mechanics, obstacles, and gradually harder puzzles. Unlike numerous action-platformers, Scarf is intentionally designed to be a slow-paced game, as developers want to allow players to "savour the beauty of each moment" and discover all the little details they have built into the world.

There will also be an alternative ending that players can unlock by finding and collecting unique collectables.

Scarf's story

Scarf: Release date, trailer, gameplay, story, platforms, more
Scarfs is a puzzle adventure that blends "lyricism with a 3D platform game to offer an allegorical journey." (Picture: Uprising Studios)

Developers describe this game as an "allegorical journey through beautiful worlds" where players will need to uncover the truth and reflect "on what it means to be a hero".

Your main goal will be to catch "the rebellious souls" who have gone rogue and created their own worlds.

That's about everything we know about the story, as the developers are being rather secretive about it, probably because they don't want to spoil it.

Platforms and release date

Scarf: Release date, trailer, gameplay, story, platforms, more
Scarf will be available on both Steam and Epic Game Store. (Picture: Uprising Studios)

Scarf is set to be released on 23rd December for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Currently, there are no plans for ports on other platforms, but we might see the game ported on the Nintendo Switch later.

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Featured image courtesy of Uprising Studios.