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A Scream Horror Game From Until Dawn's Studio Is Coming Soon

A Scream video game from Supermassive Games might be in the works, says an insider.
A Scream Horror Game From Until Dawn's Studio Is Coming Soon
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A Scream video game, possibly from the studio behind Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, is currently in development, said one Twitter user called "The Tipster." Tipster shares both video games and movie leaks on their Twitter account.

"Based on what I heard back in May there is indeed a game based on the Scream franchise in development," they explained. "I never heard of a developer at the time but in all honesty, Supermassive Games lines up pretty well."

While it seems that Supermassive Games could easily be the developer for the upcoming Scream game, it's unclear as to whether that's actually the case. It's also unclear what the game's gameplay might be like - an asymmetrical horror experience like DBD or Texas Chain Saw Massacre, or an immersive single-player game?

Texas Chain Saw Massacre's success suggests that it might be time for more licenses, like Scream, to get their own independent titles. It could be interesting to see how a Scream asymmetrical game could play out, especially since there are so many different iterations of the Ghost Face character. Perhaps players could take on one of the character's many different identities, boasting a different playstyle or abilities based on their choice.

A non-licensed version of Ghost Face also appears in Dead by Daylight, giving players a taste of what it might be like to play as the slasher himself.

For now, players will have to wait just a little longer until the game's developers announce more information about the upcoming Scream game. We'll endeavour to update this article with any new updates or leaks surrounding the game.