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Sega's Hyena Cancelled Alongside Several Unannounced Titles

SEGA has canceled a major upcoming title weeks after it was shown off.
Sega's Hyena Cancelled Alongside Several Unannounced Titles

Sega has canceled the upcoming team-based shooter Hyenas, mere weeks after the game was at Gamescom 2023, in addition to canceling multiple unannounced projects that were in development.

According to Sega, the reason behind the cancellation  was related directly to selling poorly in European areas, with Sega themselves writing:

"The resulting action will be to cancel Hyenas and some unannounced titles under development"

Hyenas were first announced in June of last year and have already had an open beta in addition to being playable at Gamescom 2023. The game featured five teams of three fighting to steal items from huge spaceships.

Team members from Creative Assembly have reacted to this sudden cancellation over on Twitter, with tweets like the following:

According to people currently working at Creative Assembly, they're also expecting layoffs across the studio as a direct result of the cancellation of the game. They were informed of the decision this morning, and are waiting for more as the situation develops.