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September 2022 Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Wondering which titles to play this month on your Xbox? You're in luck, as lots of new games are coming to Xbox Game Pass. These are all of the games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022.
September 2022 Xbox Game Pass Lineup

Xbox Game Pass subscribers have access to a huge library of games for free. That library refreshes every month, with new games coming in, some games leaving, and some games holding steady.

This guide will outline the Xbox Game Pass lineup for September 2022.

September 2022 Xbox Game Pass Lineup

disney dreamlight valley xbox game pass
Disney Dreamlight Valley will be among the games joining Xbox Game Pass this month. (Picture: Disney)

The full list for the Xbox Game Pass this month has about 13 different titles for players to jump into. Each of the titles will gradually release as the month of September moves forward.

Some of the games will release as early as September 6 and you can find everything listed below.

  • Disney Dreamlight Valley (Console) – September 6
  • Opus Magnum (PC) – September 6
  • Train Sim World 3 (Console, PC, Cloud) – September 6
  • Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation (PC) – September 13
  • DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (Cloud, Console, PC) – September 13
  • You Suck at Parking (Cloud, Console, PC) – September 14
  • Despot’s Game (Console, PC) – September 15
  • Metal: Hellsinger (PC and Xbox Series X|S) – September 15
  • Outer Wilds (Console) – September 15
  • Beacon Pines (Console, PC) – September 22
  • Slime Rancher 2 (Console, PC) – September 22
  • Grounded 1.0 release (Console, PC, Cloud) – September 27
  • Moonscars (Console, PC) – September 27

With titles like Slime Rancher 2 and Disney Dreamlight Valley on the list, September's lineup seems to be a great one.

Games Leaving Game Pass - September 2022

craftopia xbox game pass
Craftopia, a fan-favorite, is leaving Xbox Game Pass in September 2022. (Picture: Pocket Pair, Inc.)

While some games are coming to Xbox Game Pass this month, others are saying their goodbyes.

All of these games will leave Xbox Game Pass on 15th September 2022.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Aragami 2 - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Craftopia - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Final Fantasy XIII - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Flynn: Son of Crimson - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • I Am Fish - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Lost Words: Beyond the Page - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • Mighty Goose - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • SkateBird - Cloud, Console, and PC
  • The Artful Escape -- Cloud, Console, and PC

Those are all of the games coming to Xbox Game Pass and leaving Xbox Game Pass in September 2022. If any titles you enjoy are taking their leave this month, be sure to finish them before they're gone.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.