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Sonic Frontiers Amy Rose Gameplay Leaks Online

Sonic Frontiers Amy Rose Gameplay Leaks Online

A previously revealed 2023 roadmap for Sonic Frontiers indicated that we could expect three different updates this year for the popular title, with the third update featuring a brand new story and three new playable characters in the form of Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Rose. 

Now, footage of Amy in action has leaked online thanks to Reddit. From the looks of it, Amy has a few new moves, though the leaked footage doesn't show any footage of her using the iconic hammer that she's known for. Instead, it shows off Amy traversing the open world, with what looks like a bike made of tarot cards. This has garnered some rather shocked reactions from fans over on Reddit, with one stating:

"Okay SEGA, you say there is no magic in Sonic World, EXPLAIN THIS!"

Another fan stated the following:

"I knew for a few years now that Amy is into Tarot cards... But I never pictured her FIGHTING WITH Tarot Cards."

The tarot cards are something that has never been featured previously in any of Amy's appearances, dating back to Sonic CD on the SEGA CD. It's currently unclear when exactly we can expect to see this update released for Sonic Frontiers, though it's likely to be in the final few months of the year given the pace of the previous updates for the game.