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Sonic Frontiers, open-world Sonic game, revealed at The Game Awards

Sega is about to go Breath of the Wild for its new Sonic title.
Sonic Frontiers, open-world Sonic game, revealed at The Game Awards

Sonic fans are eating tonight following The Game Awards. Not only did a new trailer for the movie sequel be shown featuring Idris Elba as Knuckles the Echidna, but the first proper look at the franchise's new title, Sonic Frontiers, confirmed rumours of an open-world Team Sonic developed game. 

First teased back in May with a quick clip of Sonic running through the woods of an unspecified location, the new TGA trailer gave fans a better look at what exactly Sonic Frontiers is.

The official name for the new world which Sonic will get to freely explore is Starfall Islands, a location filled with lush greenery, mysterious ruins, and vast open spaces for you to dash through at supersonic speed.

Other than the titular character himself, not much else was shown, including potential allies like Tales, Knuckles, or even Shadow The Hedgehog. Dr Robotnik (or Eggman, if you're one of those) is also conspicuously absent from the teaser. 

sonic frontiers
Sonic Frontiers looks quite spectacular. (Picture: Sega)

While we don't have an exact release date, Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for release during the 2022 Holidays. You can watch the trailer down below.

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Featured image via Sega/Team Sonic