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Sony PlayStation 5 logo revealed at CES 2020

Sony aren’t ready to showcase the PlayStation 5 just yet, showing instead a very predictable logo for their new console.
Sony PlayStation 5 logo revealed at CES 2020

Ahead of Sony’s CES conference in Las Vegas, speculation began to mount following numerous controller leaks a PlayStation 5 announcement or reveal could take place.

Turns out, there was a reveal of sorts — just not exactly the one you were hoping for.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, took to the stage to cover the PlayStation portion of the conference - stating they had sold 106 million PS4 systems worldwide.

They also revealed they had sold over 5 million PSVR headsets since launch in October 2016.

As they built towards what’s to come from the console’s successor, Sony didn’t show the new console but instead debuted the official PlayStation 5 logo.

Welcome to the new logo (Picture: Sony) 

It feels like a last minute plan on Sony’s part to control anticipation ahead of the conference, although it’s better than nothing at least.

The logo itself is exactly what everyone was expecting - perfectly matching even some advanced mock-ups created after the PS5’s existence was confirmed.

They also reiterated how the PS5 will feature 3D audio sound, adaptive triggers, an ultra high speed SSD, real-time ray tracing and ultra HD blu-ray functionality.

Sony has also previously confirmed the new console will support PS4 backwards compatibility and will support 8K graphics.

Closing out the segment, Sony promised more will be revealed about the PS5 in the “months ahead” - which we could have probably told you already.

With Microsoft having already revealed their rival in the Xbox Series X, we’ll have to see how long Sony hold out before they show all their cards for the next generation.

Sony's PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released in holiday 2020.