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Speedrunner beats Sekiro while blindfolded at AGDQ

A speedrunner named Mitchriz sent shockwaves through the gaming world, beating Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in just over two hours, while blindfolded.
Speedrunner beats Sekiro while blindfolded at AGDQ

Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2022 was a spectacular success, despite being an online-only event. When the marathon stream finished up, $3,418,087 was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. One of the most exciting aspects of the stream was undoubtedly speedruns, and arguably the most impressive was a speedrunner who managed to beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, while blindfolded, in just over two hours.

Speedrunner Mitchriz did the unthinkable during AGDQ. It was such an incredible feat of skill that the Twitch chat went absolutely bonkers, as Mitchriz blew everyone's mind.

Mitchriz beats Sekiro while blindfolded

Mitchriz showcased his immense skill at AGDQ and put nearly every Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice player to shame. 

Mitchriz blindfolded speedrunner speedrunning speedrun sekiro shadows die twice Awesome Games Done Quick AGDQ
Mitchriz fighting the final boss of Sekiro and looking cool as a cucumber. (Picture: AGDQ / Mitchriz)

Most gamers take hours to beat one boss in Sekiro, dying over and over again just figuring out the boss' movesets. That goes for all From Software titles, including the Dark Souls series, Demon Souls, and Bloodborne.

Mitchriz has beaten Sekiro while blindfolded before, using only sound ques to smash all the bosses to smithereens, sometimes even without taking any damage.

However, this showcase of skill, in front of so many viewers, makes Mitchriz's blindfolded Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice run even more impressive.

Mitchriz blindfolded speedrunner speedrunning speedrun sekiro shadows die twice Awesome Games Done Quick AGDQ
Beating Sekiro is an accomplishment on its own, but doing it in 2 hours while blindfolded is just crazy. (Picture: AGDQ / Mitchriz)

Some players would argue that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is more difficult than most other Soulsborne titles. Others felt a bit insecure after the speedrunner managed to kill every boss by just listening to the game's sound.

His run at Awesome Games Done Quick clocked in at 2 hours 35 seconds. Check out the final moments of Mitchriz beating Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in an amazing speedrun below.

Fellow speedrunner Spikevegeta took to Twitter to congratulate Mitchriz and explain: "I don't care how many strats and consistent setups have been developed and found. What you all just watched was legendary.

"The fact that Mitchriz was able to perform so much of it near flawlessly while being literally blind to the world for 2 hours, ice water in his veins."

Mitchriz did look incredibly calm when completing his blindfolded speedrun of Sekiro. He is also the world record holder for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice speedruns, and you can check out his Twitter account here.


Featured image courtesy of From Software / Activision.