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Splitgate Season 0: Release date, battle pass, rewards, new map, patch notes, more

The arena shooter is getting a brand new season worth of content.
Splitgate Season 0: Release date, battle pass, rewards, new map, patch notes, more

Splitgate, the Halo meets Portal shooter and sleeper hit of 2021, has got a brand new season - Season 0.

In a surprise announcement, development studio 1407 revealed that Season 0 is out now, bringing with it a brand new map, a battle pass with 100 tiers, and a new game mode called Contamination.

The update was released with little fanfare but is sure to be greeted warmly by the millions of players who have taken the game to heart in recent months.

New map - Karman Station

Splitgate Karman Station
Karman Station is a reworking of the Outpost map many have played in the beta. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Karman Station is the newest map added to the game and one that will look familiar to many, being as it's a rework of Outpost, a map that originally appeared during the beta.

New game mode - Contamination 

This is essentially a Humans vs Zombies mode, where players start as "Contaminated" with only bats as weapons, and the "Human" team, who have shotguns, must survive against the onslaught. 

If one of the Human team dies, they switch sides and join the Contaminated.

How much does the Splitgate Season 0 battle pass cost?

Splitgate Season 0 battle pass all tiers
Splitgate's Season 0 battle pass. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Splitgate's Season 0 battle pass costs 900 Splitcoins.

Splitcoins are bought in bundles, 1000 costs £7.20 ($10) or your local equivalent. 

There is also a free track with a limited number of items available to unlock.

What is included?

Over 100 tiers of rewards that take the shape of the weapon, player, and Portal skins, emotes, and XP bonuses.

Splitgate Season 0
Splitgate's Season 0 battle pass contains 100 tiers of rewards. (Picture: 1047 Games)

Patch notes

Quality of life changes:

  • Aim Assist slider – Some of you requested that you be able to turn off/scale down the Aim Assist for controllers. 100% Aim Assist = what the Aim Assist has been before this update.
  • Overtime – King of the Hill, VIP, and Oddball now have Overtime.
  • Doing all Daily Challenges gives a drop.
  • New Referral Pass – 9 Levels with new items! New referrals will only count towards the new referral pass.
  • Custom Games Browser - added searching and filtering.
  • You can now shoot portals through the bodies of allies.
  • Killcam is enabled in all modes now (ex: SWAT). We saw your petition.
  • Ranks – More Elo Divisions have been added. i.e. ELO 3000 =Diamond 1, ELO 3300 = Diamond 4, etc.
  • Team switching – custom games option for switching teams during the match.
  • Pickup zone text visibility improvements.
  • Updated Hills and DOM points on certain maps.
  • Hill Mesh updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Beta BP bug fixed - You can equip items 11-15 from the Beta Battle Pass in your locker. (Beta Fish is happy)
  • Footstep audio fixed.
  • Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • More server optimizations.