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Square Enix Thinking About Remastering More Older Titles

Bring. Me. Chrono. Trigger.
Square Enix Thinking About Remastering More Older Titles

Square Enix has stated that they're considering making more remasters of older games after this year's release of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster.

As noted by VGC, Square's board of executives was asked if they plan to remaster other older games after the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters sold well, with one shareholder asking:

"Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster has been well received. Are there plans to remaster other past titles? Personally, I would like to play Xenogears."

A member of Square's board replied:

"We will refrain from sharing information about new titles, but we are considering various ideas within the company and hope that you will look forward to forthcoming announcements."

This will come as an exciting statement to fans of Square's back catalog which features classics such as the aforementioned Xenogears and the beloved Chrono Trigger.  With Square not committing to a yes or no answer to this question, it's possible that they're planning on announcing something further down the line, perhaps at Gamescom Opening Night Live in August. 

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series launched earlier this year for consoles after a earlier launch on PC and Mobile, and were extremely well received by fans of the series who finally have a way to play these games on modern systems.