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Steam Indian Harvest Festival: Dates, list of games, prices and freebie

The Steam Indian Harvest Festival is the first sale to promote made in India games on Steam. Here's what you need to know, including dates, prices and a free game to grab
Steam Indian Harvest Festival: Dates, list of games, prices and freebie

Steam has started its first-ever India-specific sale called Steam Indian Harvest Festival to promote made in India games for a specific timeframe. The sale will run from 14th to April 22nd April 2021.

On the occasion of all the harvest festival (Happy Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi, Bihu, Vishu, Poila Boishakh, Puthandu etc.) across India, Nodwin Gaming of India in association with Steam has started this for a limited time.

Divided into two parts, the sale includes a list of curated games at a very cheap price.

Steam Indian Harvest Festival: Games & Prices

There are several titles featured in the Steam Indian Harvest Festival, broken into two categories. These categories include "Blast from the Past" and "Present Games".

All of these games can be picked up for very cheap, and there's even a freebie to grab if you don't want to open your wallet. 

Blast from the Past:

  • Lovely Planet 2: Rs. 104 ($1.4)
  • Unrest: Rs. 87 ($1.16)
  • Rainswert: Rs. 219 ($2.92)
  • Alter Army: Rs. 99 ($1.32)
  • Good Robot: Rs. 82 ($1.1)
  • Rubek: Rs. 31 ($0.45)
  • Warfront Defenders: Westerplatte: Rs 194 ($2.6)
  • The Last Train: Definitive Edition: Rs. 112 ($1.5)
  • Asura: Rs. 186 ($2.5)

Present Games:

  • In My Shadow: Rs. 288 ($3.85)
  • The Bonfire II: Uncharted Shores: Rs. 267 ($3.56)
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic: Rs 299 ($3.99)
  • Two Leaves and a Bud: Rs. 269 ($3.58)
  • Gamedev Beatdown: Rs. 209 ($2.78)
  • Mystic Pillars: Rs. 64 ($0.85)
  • Miners Mettle: Rs. 404 ($5.38)

Steam Indian Harvest Festival sale games list free game prices(Picture: The Irregular Corporation)

You can also pick up a game completely for free. The freebie Steam Indian Harvest Festival is called The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place, and it looks quite unique.

This event is allowing the players to try out demos of popular games like Forgotten Fields, Puzzle Dazzle, Raji: An Ancient Epic etc. And at the same time, the Steam Indian Harvest Festival is giving a decent platform to the upcoming games made by the Indian developers to promote their games.