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Terraria House - Design, requirements, and more

Today we'll be outlining everything you need to know to build your house in Terraria, including the design, requirements and more.
Terraria House - Design, requirements, and more

Terraria is known for being just as fun as it can be challenging, and this mantra is especially true when it comes to building houses. They are fun to do but can be challenging for new players to figure out and are vital to your survival.

If you are new to the game or want a refresher, this guide will cover all the details you need to build your home in Terraria, including the design, requirements and more.

Terraria House Requirements

Example of a house in Terraria.
An example of the kind of home you can build in Terraria. (Image: Terraria_Logic via Twitter)

Before you run out to start building your dream home or epic fortress, let's cover the basic requirements every house in Terraria needs. Below is a detailed list of the requirements your house needs to meet. 

  • Your house should total between 60 and 750 blocks including the frame, ceiling, floor and walls. The smallest it can be is three blocks wide by ten blocks high. 

  • Add a background wall that covers the entire frame of your house to prevent enemies from spawning inside. 

  • Your house should include at least one light source, one flat item and one comfort item. 

  • Be sure to add an entrance such as a door or trap door, but be mindful that only your character can use trap doors. 

  • Your house must be a minimum distance of 10 blocks from the "true edge" of the map.

  • Your house must contain at least one solid block to stand on to be considered a house.

  • Avoid breaching the corruption zones. 

Terraria House builds

Once you know the requirements, you can start building your own houses in Terraria and depending on your experience, we have put together a list of a few builds you can try out or even reference when creating your own.

Starter House Build

Starter House Build in Terraria
A starter House Build in Terraria. (Picture: Boii via YouTube / Re-Logic)

Ideal for any new player of Terraria, the Starter house is perfect for learning how the materials in the game work, and it comes with all your essentials. Perfect for getting your hands dirty by building a house from scratch that doesn't take too much time or skill.   

Tree House Build

Tree house build in Terraria
A tree house build in Terraria. (Picture: The_Geo0 via Twitter / Re-Logic)

The TreeHouse is an ideal build for anyone looking to improve their house-building skills. Being multi-storied, it's good practice for building out floors and the connections between them. Also, haven't we all wanted to live in a giant Treehouse before? 

Japanese House Build 

A Japanese build house in Terraria
A Japanese build house in Terraria. (Picture: Akoran via YouTube / Re-Logic)

The Japanese House build is unique, and you'll learn a lot by building this home. Though it is more advanced, the different variety of Japanese builds you can try out in Terraria make this one worth trying out.  

Castle Build

A castle type house build in Terraria
A castle type house build in Terraria. (Picture: GandalfHardcore via YouTube / Re-Logic)

Castles are great builds that are technically more demanding but provide great returns with their rustic looks, large amounts of storage space for all the loot you've been collecting and can serve as a neat spot for all your NPCs to gather in one place. 

Modern House Build

A modern house build in Terraria
A modern house build in Terraria. (Picture: rTerraria via Twitter / Re-Logic)

Last But not least is this modern design for your house builds. This type of home can serve as a stylish base of operations for your NPCs and a great place to hang your hat but gives you the 21st-century touches such as modern furniture, windows, exterior walls and roofing. 

Terraria House Building Tips

A good rule of thumb is to lay a foundation when building your home. A foundation is not fully necessary, but it adds realism and a clean look to the design of your house. 

You'll also want to use base defences when building your house. A base defence ensures your NPCs stay inside when enemies attack by adding blocks wired with actuators in front of doors, and when enemies attack, you can hit a switch to block off the doors. 

Lastly, invest in tools that aid in the building process. Tools like the Extendo Grip increase your vertical item placement and tool range by 2, and the horizontal item placement and tool range by 3. The portable cement mixer increases wall placement speed by 50%, and the Ancient Chisel increases mining speed by 25%.

And that's everything you need to know about the House designs in Terraria and the requirements to build them. Please feel free to browse our dedicated Terraria section for more news and guides. 

Featured image courtesy of Re-Logic