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Upcoming Game 'The Bathrooms' Puts A Silly Spin On The Backrooms

The upcoming title 'The Bathrooms' puts a funny spin on The Backrooms.
Upcoming Game 'The Bathrooms' Puts A Silly Spin On The Backrooms
(Picture: Hidden Palace)

You might be familiar with the creepy and unsettling world of The Backrooms; in the fictional world of this modern internet phenomena, you'll enter tons of strange rooms and encounter creatures that will make you want to run for your life. An upcoming title from Hidden Palace, The Bathrooms, puts a bit of a silly spin on the concept of The Backrooms while maintaining the horror that makes The Backrooms what it is.

Developers describe the game as a "a tension-packed indie horror-adventure and a parody of the Backrooms phenomena." At the start of it all, you'll wake up in a deserted school before realising that your dog has been kidnapped by a strange entity called the Custodian, whom you'll have to track down to retrieve your beloved pet. However, you're being chased down by terrifying entities as you do, making things a lot harder - and a lot scarier.

the bathrooms
The Bathrooms is a creepy yet funny spin on The Backrooms. (Picture: Hidden Palace)

The world of The Bathrooms is procedurally generated, meaning every play through is different, and you'll face intelligent AI as you maneuever throughout the levels. Through the use of intelligent AI, it's possible for developers to create a true "Backrooms-like" experience, where you'll move through rooms that are never quite the same twice.

Developers state that the game will have the following features:

  • Unpredictable and intelligent AI
  • Ability to decide to use a weapon or use stealth
  • Procedurally generated world and nonlinear gameplay
  • Collectible treasures
  • Multiple difficulty options
  • Customizable input bindings

The Bathrooms is set to come out on Steam on 17 May 2024, meaning that you won't have to wait much longer to try out this exciting new title from Hidden Palace.

In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for the game just below: