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This teacher is using Half-Life: Alyx to teach math online

In order to gain the attention of school kids, teachers often try to innovate and make lessons exciting, but we never would have thought that we would see a math lesson inside Half-Life.
This teacher is using Half-Life: Alyx to teach math online

Half-Life: Alyx is out for two days, and it seems that people can't get enough of it.

One teacher, who is apparently a fan of the game, decided to put together his job and his hobby in one of the most creative ways of using games for education we've ever seen.

He's a math teacher, and he's using the virtual world of Half-Life: Alyx to make videos of math lessons in it. In the game, there's one part where you can use markers to write on glass, and he is using it to write his math lessons there. He records the process, and then he puts video online for his students to watch it. 

It does seem a bit unpractical since the camera is quite shaky, but it's definitely a novel method and maybe something that could be developed further in the near future. Imagine school classes and other similar events fully in virtual reality, students and teachers sitting at their homes, but they are all together in virtual classrooms? It sounds like a science fiction maybe, but it actually isn't something that could be that far-off.

Just 30 years ago video calls were high-tech technology, and nowadays it's a common thing, why wouldn't be the same with VR?