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Top 5 Nintendo Switch indie games

Looking for a charming title to play on the move? Here's the most essential indie experiences available on the Nintendo Switch.
Top 5 Nintendo Switch indie games

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge sales success, prompting plenty of third party developers to jump aboard the hybrid handheld. 

Among them are some of the finest indie titles, with the Nintendo eShop getting an abundance of incredible titles to play every few weeks. 

Between strategy titles, platformers, rogue-likes and more, there really is something for everyone. With that in mind, we’ve put together our top five indie titles you can pick up on the Switch – many of which are cheaper than any full-priced title. 

Honorable mentions: Cuphead, SteamWorld Dig 2, Shovel Knight, Overcooked, Wargroove 

Into The Breach

Into The Breach
Into The Breach is a BAFTA award-winning title (Picture: Nintendo) 

A chance to live out any Pacific Rim-inspired fantasies, Into The Breach lets players take control of a trio of mechs tasked with protecting humanity from giant insectoids which can level cities in one attack. 

Playing out as a turn-based strategy title, enemy moves are telegraphed in advance which leads to some clutch sacrifice-plays. If you fail, you can send one pilot back in time to do it all again, with maps and mission objectives changing from run to run. 

With customisable mechs and diverse enemies, no two sessions are the same, but Into The Breach is always exhilarating. 

Dead Cells

Dead Cells
Dead Cells is a challenging rogue-like (Picture: Motion Twin) 

Metroidvania titles are built on the idea of map memorisation and circling back to past areas, but Dead Cells turns this on its head with procedurally-generated maps. 

As an amorphous blob that takes over the recently deceased body of a warrior, you’re tasked with first escaping a dungeon and then progressing through progressively tricky areas. Death will reset your progress, but you can earn upgrades through each run to make the next one easier. 

Add randomised weapons and loot and you’ll find your play style is constantly shifting the more you play. 

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry’s indie darling is one of the first titles which springs to mind when people think of indies on Switch, and this Metroidvania is more than deserving. 

Playing as a tiny insect knight, players explore Hallowsnest – a vast underground kingdom with danger lurking around every turn. Despite being entirely played from a 2D perspective, there’s definitely a Dark Souls influence to the combat, and the game’s animations are some of the best you’ll find anywhere. 

Add a sensational, moody soundtrack, and plenty of exploration off the beaten path and you’ve got a recipe for dozens of hours of entertainment. 


Celeste is one of the best platformers of the generation (Picture: Matt Thorson) 

2D platformers might be almost comically common on the Switch, but there’s no doubt in our minds Celeste is the best of the bunch. 

With a focus on pure platforming action and a stunning pixel-art aesthetic backed up by a shimmering synth soundtrack, it’s easy to get lost in Celeste – especially as the story takes darker turns. 

A platformer with more heart than many games, it’s also accessible for players that aren’t platforming wizards while offering a wealth of added challenge for true masochists. 

Stardew Valley

If you haven’t heard of Stardew Valley yet, you really must play it. Inspired by the likes of Harvest Moon, this farming simulator is one of the more addictive games on any console which feels ideal for quick bursts on the Switch. 

Grow crops, trade them with the nearby townspeople, reinvest in your farm; it’s a fun loop which starts simply but soon leads into mining in dungeon-style areas, before being able to woo the handsome farm boy at the big harvest dance event. 

Just be sure to keep eating, drinking and showering while playing it – many people have fallen into the Stardew Valley hole never to be heard from again.