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Top 10 greatest games With Vikings

Let’s set out for an adventure as we countdown the best games featuring the most glorious of combatants - Vikings.
Top 10 greatest games With Vikings

Are you finding yourself with an itch for adventure, but you're tired of the same old story of knights, princesses, dragons, undead and all that jazz? 

Are you looking for something with a few more giants, a bit more plundering, and a chance to lock horns with a range of worthy foes? 

Well, you're certainly in the right place, as we're about ready to get started and count down our top 10 list of greatest games with Vikings.


10. For Honor

We're kicking things off and sailing straight into battle by pitting our viking vanguard against unlikely foes - some samurai. We're looking at Ubisoft's medieval melee brawler For Honor.

Giving any prospective plunderers the rare opportunity to go toe-to-toe with some Far-Eastern champions, For Honor gives players the rare chance to exercise the art of war in a a unique setting, and take some bloodthirsty Northmen on the rampage with the promise of fame, fortune, and a spot in Odin's longhouse.

9. Jotun

With a lifetime of battling, brawling, scrapping and skirmishing under the belt of any hopeful helmsmen, there's plenty of chances to prove your worth.

However, that's all going to count for nought if you perform the ultimate Viking faux pas - dying in an inglorious manner. It's a bit of a kicker if it happens, but there's nothing you can do. Or perhaps, there are a few things to be done.

Jotun tells the tale of Thora who unfortunately performed that taboo, and must now travel across the realms defeating various enemies, including some pretty deadly giants.

It's one big showcase of 'look how great I am, you should've let me into Valhalla' and is an absolute joy to play with it's beautifully hand drawn art, and intriguing delve through Norse mythology.

8. Age of Mythology

The giants from Jotun are a force to be reckoned with, and you can see them at their full potential in Age of Mythology - and send them to battle, and ultimately squash some puny Egyptians or Greeks.

The game was a step away from previous titles in the series, and traded out historical accuracy for a range of mythical beasties. The Vikings obviously got the best end of the deal and can summon Valkyries, Trolls, solid gold boars, giants, dragons and even a Kraken to burn, bash, and fling your enemies to distant shores. As if a longboat of marauders was bad enough, they've also got a pet Kraken.

7. Northgard

Northgard gives you the task of colonising a new and mysterious land, filled with magic, looming threats, powerful relics, and maybe even a giant or two. The natives may be friendly to you and your budding colonies, but it depends on their temper at the time.

Obviously you're not the only one seeking your fortune in these promising new lands, and you must race to establish your foothold against other clans, and use diplomacy to work out compromise, or do things the good old way and dispose of them.

The game puts you in charge of one of a range of clans, each with their own skills and strengths. Whether you choose the clan of the wolf, boar, bear, snake or even the dragon, each will provide advantages in your quest. 

6. Smite

Smite, Vikings, MOBA, Titan Forge Games
MOBA with Vikings? Sign us up! (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

I think we can all agree that we've appeased the gods enough so far with our war efforts. Now it's time to take on the mantle of these supernatural powerhouses and take the fight to other deities from around the world, bringing battle to the highest and most glorious level.

Compared to other MOBAs, Smite does things very differently. Hi-Rez have done away with the familiar top down view, and puts you into the third person, which means you're always closer to the action.

Rather than designing their own lore, the game give you a host of Gods to bring into battle, and a range of characters that would be formidable in the hands of any Viking enthusiast, with familiar names like Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki, and even the World Serpent Jormungandr.


5. Thrones of Britannia

With a whole culture revolving around victory in combat, it's not all that often that these warlords were bested in battle - but here and there they'd fall a bit short. Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia allows you to correct these bloopers, rewrite history, and begin the all powerful reign of the Vikings as it was intended.

The game puts you in control of a Viking leader, and from there it's up to you to pillage and plunder your way across Britain - and during your journey you'll slay some Saxons, skewer some Scots, eradicate some Irish and wallop a few Welshmen in your ultimate goal of bringing the country under glorious Viking rule.

As with previous iterations to the series Britannia allows you to get close and personal to some pretty huge battles, and marvel as your warband cut swathes through anyone unfortunate enough to get in their way.

4. Banner Saga

Banner Saga, Vikings, Versus Evil, Tactical
(Picture: Versus Evil)

As we've seen so far, Vikings love themselves a bit of ruthless slaughter, and it quickly became the favourite past-time in any ancient Scandinavian settlement.

However, in the Banner Saga trilogy, we see that these steely folk can have a sensitive side, as the game brings us along on an emotional epic about survival, family, pride and defiance against a formidable otherworldly foe.

In contrast to the blood-soaked settings of various battlefields we've mostly seen so far, and more in line with the aesthetic direction of Jotun, it's impossible to deny that the Banner Saga is a beautiful, and often bleak, game.

Over the course of your journey, you'll encounter all manners of landscapes, each more impacting than the last, and with the incredible accompanying score, you'll soon be sucked in and immersed as a member of the forlorn caravan.

Whilst other titles on our list have allowed us to relish in sending our warrior to die a glorious death, the Banner Saga makes each loss noticeable, and brings and emotional attachment we never thought we'd have to these bearded brutes.

3. The Lost Vikings

We've seen some Vikings which seem a little out of place with their battles against Samurai in For Honor, but they've got nothing on this trio of Lost Vikings, who're trying to get home after being kidnapped by wonderfully named alien emperor 'Tomator'.

As you try to escape the clutches of your alien captors, you must get your band of misfits to work together to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and return to your idyllic Scandinavian home. That is, when you aren't having to wait as they bicker amongst themselves. That's not a complaint for the record, the dialogue is genuinely funny and still holds up after over 20 years, cementing it as a retro gem with a very special place in our hearts.

Sadly, the series didn't have too many iterations, and whilst fans of Erik, Balog and Olaf would love a new title in the series, it probably ain't happening. The good news is that they make an appearance in Heroes of the Storm, so if you can't get enough of their mismatched misadventures - you can lead them on a quest to face off against even more unlikely foes.

2. Hellblade

Hellblade, Viking Game
Hellblade 2 looks promising already (Picture: Ninja Theory)

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is a title which will go down as a gaming landmark, and one you may not have picked up and played. Shame on you for that, as this is one of the closest shots at a true gaming masterpiece we've seen in recent years.

If you're looking to bear the mantle of a bludgeoning brawler - this may not be the game for you, and we'd suggest tracking back through the list - or holding off for our top spot.

If, however, you're looking for a deep and imaginative story which pulls back the folds on all manners of Norse and modern ideals, with a haunting soundtrack and entirely unique narrative - get this game already.

The game spins the tale of Senua, a young Pict warrior who's tasked herself with a perilous journey into the depths of Helheim - the Viking underworld - in the hopes of saving the soul of her deceased lover for the clutches of the all powerful goddess 'Hela'. It's a story that is going to guarantee plenty of interesting adventures for this courageous Celt - but its how this story is told which makes this game nothing less then than a piece of art.

1. God of War

There's no doubt about this being our number one spot, and whether you're a Viking enthusiast or not - this is a title you all need to play, and experience what is a sure contender for one of the magnum opus' in modern gaming.

So where do we even begin with this epic? The awe-inspiring landscapes that will take you across the Norse realms? The range of intricately designed monstrosities who'll seek to prevent you from progressing on your quest?

The enchanting orchestral soundtrack that utilises all manners of traditional Scandinavian instruments to bring every nook and cranny to life?

Yes to all of the above. Ultimately, however, it is touching story of a father's devotion and dedication to his family, and a brand new direction from the unrelenting god-slayer we've seen in previous iterations in the series.

Some games will come along that make you think about why you think its perfect, and you'll realise you can't quite put your finger on a distinctive reason. God of War is not one of those games.

You can look at any aspect in isolation, and you've got something that is head and shoulders above its competition. You put all those aspects together and you've got something that isn't just a game of the year, but a surefire contender for game of the decade.

God of War, Kratos, Sony, Vikings
God of War is a definite masterpiece of a game (Picture: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

And there we have it. Our definitive list of the top games for any intrepid islanders. We've seen tales of father-ship, conquest, gods, glory and gore, and given you the perfect starting point to get as close a feeling as any to the life of a Viking.