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Twitch blocks users from using the "n-word" in chat

Twitch specified it is only in the cases of when used with the "hard R"
Twitch blocks users from using the "n-word" in chat
Twitch has stated that they will now block users from all broadcasts from using the "n-word", with Twitch further clarifying that only when used with the "hard R".

Twitch's previous policy on the "n-word" is unclear, at one point streamers would have to add it to their filtered word list, Twitch does have their own global word filter which streamers were able to opt-out of. It is not clear if this clarification is a change in policy.

Twitch chat n-word ban

In a tweet Twitch said: "Use (of the "n-word") with a hard R is not allowed, period. We also automatically block the word across Twitch including in chat."

They also stated their aim of censoring those that use racial slurs to attack others.

"Additionally, regardless of spelling or pronunciation, slurs used for the purpose of hate or harassment are not allowed."

The announcement comes on the back of the controversial move to include words such as "simp", "incels", and "virgins" as derogatory words, worthy of censure when used "to harass and harm community members."

Few, at least vocally, will look to defend Twitch's latest move, conversely, this is something that should have been done years ago.

Twitch is aware of some of the misunderstandings and real missteps in their recent communications and are making efforts to make things clearer for both streamers and viewers, in that spirit they intend to host a creator camp on the 20th January to field questions on their new "Hateful Conduct & Harassment Policy" which is due to be brought in at a similar time.