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Twitch Rivals Overcooked AYCE 50k charity event: How to watch, schedule, format and prize pool

Your viewer's guide to the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE 50k charity event, including how to watch all the action, the format, schedule and prize pool.
Twitch Rivals continues to mix it up with some interesting tournaments for viewers to enjoy, and content creators to participate in. If you are a fan of competitive action, and happen to love Overcooked! then you are in for a tasty treat with the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE 50k charity event. AYCE stands for "All you can eat" in case you were wondering. Here's everything you need to know about the new tournament, from the prize pool to the format, schedule and how you can watch all the digital cooking action live.

Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE charity prize pool

Team captains will each select a charity to represent going into the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE charity event. All prize money will go to the charities selected.

TwitchOvercookedinside1.jpg?_t=1617703676(Picture: Twitch Rivals)

There's a total of 50,000 USD to cook for in this unique tournament, split up into segments. The top-performing team at the end of it all will also get another 2,000 USD to donate to a charity of their choosing.

Twitch Rivals Overcooked!: Teams & Format

At the time of writing, the teams for the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE event has not been revealed. However, we do know teams of four players, likely Twitch content creators will group up to participate.

We do have a good idea of what the tournament structure will look like. This is a PvE high score competition in Story Mode, which will be divided into six "heats". At the start of each Heat, three kitchens will be unveiled and teams will have 30 minutes to get the highest scores possible for those three kitchens.

TwitchOvercookedinside2.jpg?_t=1617703726(Picture: Twitch Rivals)

Teams are allowed to attempt each kitchen an unlimited amount of times and may free restart, as long as all runs are started within the 30-minute window. At the conclusion of each Heat, teams will win prizes based on their aggregate score for that Heat, which will all go to charity.


Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE schedule

The Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE charity tournament is scheduled to begin on 9th April 2021. This will be a one-day event for viewers to enjoy.

The tournament is expected to start at 20:00 GMT. It will run for roughly three hours, so mark those calendars and set those alarms. 

How to watch Twitch Rivals Overcooked

If you are in the mood for some digital cooking action, you will be able to watch the Twitch Rivals Overcooked! AYCE tournament on the official Twitch Rivals channel, which we've embedded below for your convenience. 

You should also be able to tune in to one of the participate streams once the tournament goes live.