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Verizon's new 5G ad shows the real world lagging out

The advert, which has been viewed millions of times, shows the real-world affected by lag.
Verizon's new 5G ad shows the real world lagging out
It's a scene that has greeted every gamer, walking down a city street buildings begin popping in and out of view, a character becomes detached from their mode of transport, left suspended in the air as they continue to control the vehicle that they now, at least visually, don't seem to be in. A man disappears, then reappears later on, on the same path. He didn't teleport, that much you do know, it looked more like he transported from present-day to an even more present day. What you are witnessing is lag and it has been a factor in internet gaming since forever.

Except this wasn't a game but instead Verizon's new ingenious advert to show off their brand new 5G service. The advert named "The Reset", takes viewers through an American city, from the tree-lined suburbs to the downtown metropolis, except it is all brutally affected by lag.

Trees pop in and out of view, people's faces fail to buffer properly showing the low-res LODs rather than their more HD counterparts, another time a bus stretches into infinity before snapping back, eventually, the floor disappears and someone falls through it, seemingly unable to render in time.

Verizon 5g built by gamers ad
(Picture: Verizon)

We are not sure if Verizon knows the difference between internet lag and a shitty PC but it makes a good impression all the same.

The service, which they claim is "fastest 5G in the world", and built for gamers is now available in over 2,700 US cities and Verizon have been pushing it hard in recent months, another ad features comedian Chris Rock espousing the services' virtues while the company has also sponsored a number of mobile esports events with Twitch.

5G promises to revolutionize the world and the internet, offering increased speeds, more reliable coverage, and reduced latency, 5G will become a viable alternative to a fibre optic line for many peoples homes.