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New Open World RPG Wang Yue 20-Minute Gameplay Revealed

Dive into a brand-new world of fantasy exploration and combat with Wang Yue.
New Open World RPG Wang Yue 20-Minute Gameplay Revealed

Ever since Genshin Impact showed the world just how successful an open-world RPG can be, developers have been trying their hardest to reach those same heights. The most recent entry into the pool of open-world RPGs is a CN title known as Wang Yue (望月), which recently revealed twenty minutes of gameplay. Check out the full video below provided by WadaGames. 

The game plays in a very similar fashion to Genshin Impact and the upcoming Wuthering Waves. From the revealed gameplay, we can see that the player will take control of multiple characters during real-time action combat while switching between these characters at will. 

Wang Yue is a new open-world RPG. (Picture: WadaGames YouTube)

The characters will also have a subset of multiple abilities, dashes, and ultimates in order to keep them alive on the battlefield while dealing tons of damage. 

Aside from the gameplay, the graphics in this title look superb, and the flow between combat animations is relatively seamless. While the gameplay provided by Wang Yue is certainly nothing to scoff at, and the graphics plus overall presentation of the world look promising, it will need to do a lot to dethrone the present and upcoming slew of open-world games. 

Wang Yue Pre-Registration is now available. (Picture: WadaGames YouTube)

Hopefully, Wang Yue can provide enough unique content to retain a concurrent player base long after its release. Pre-registration has already begun and can be completed by following this link to the official sign-up page.