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Watch The Last Of Us Part 2 extended gameplay from Sony's presentation

Naughty Dog debuted new gameplay from The Last Of Us Part 2, while covering some new enemy factions you’ll discover on Ellie’s journey.
A wealth of new details have arrived for The Last Of Us Part 2, including an extended look at the gameplay boasting a wider range of mechanics. 

In PlayStation’s State of Play presentation, developer Naughty Dog detailed a mixture of story details and new gameplay features players can expect from the sequel. 

Story wise, The Last Of Us Part 2 picks up several years after the first when Ellie is 19, with a large portion of the game seemingly taking place in the remains of Seattle. 

The area of Seattle looks far more expansive than anything seen in the first game, featuring new traversal mechanics like using rope to scale vertical terrain, along with horseback riding and boats to cover the vast landscape. 

The Last Of Us Part 2
Seattle looks like a vast area to explore (Picture: Naughty Dog)


While in Seattle, you’ll encounter two human enemy factions. The first is the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) - a militia group who imprison and kill trespassers on sight and also use guard dogs to track your scent. 

The second, Scars, are described as religious zealots who can be identified with deep cuts across their faces. They’re known for being stealthy and using silent weapons. 

These two new threats are also joined by the infected enemies from the previous title, with the usual Runners, Clickers and Stalkers joined by a new infected type called Shamblers. These are heavily armoured and explode spore clouds when close. 

They also teased another new infected type which they won’t spoil for players until release. 

The Last Of Us Part 2
There's some new infected types too (Picture: Naughty Dog)


Interestingly, there was also a moment where an enemy Ellie kills is playing Hotline Miami on a PlayStation Vita - so it seems like Naughty Dog is keeping up with the in-game cameos as shown by Crash Bandicoot in Uncharted 4. 

Combat generally looks far more flexible, with players able to set up scenarios where rival factions face off against one another - allowing you to slip by undetected. 

Crafting and upgrading, while similar to the previous title, also looks more expansive - allowing players to customise Ellie to certain skill sets, while weapon upgrades are now seen visibly once they're attached. 

The presentation generally didn’t show much which would surprise players familiar with the first title, although they did state what the showed “only scratched the surface” of what the full game holds. 

The Last Of Us Part 2 releases 19th June on PlayStation 4.