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WB Games Montreal Is Working On An Unannounced AAA Title

WB Games Montréal Inc, the creator behind Gotham Knights, is supposedly working on a multiplayer AAA console game.
WB Games Montreal Is Working On An Unannounced AAA Title

WB Games Montréal Inc, the creator behind the recently debuted action RPG title, Gotham Knights, is supposedly working on an unannounced game. This news comes after multiple job postings hinted that another project is currently underway and being developed.

Initially discovered by users on Reddit, it seems WB Games Montréal Inc is working on an upcoming multiplayer AAA title, possibly a grounded RPG with co-op elements or a title straying farther away. It's likely to assume this forthcoming game will be based on another side of the DC Universe, with some speculating it might explore superhero or villainous narratives once again.

The speculations came after WB Games Montréal Inc posted full-time job opportunities on their career page this month. One of these opportunities is for a Senior Concept Artist "to create a wide range of conceptual content (characters, weapons, gear upgrades, marketing art) to inspire and communicate the visual direction of an upcoming AAA console title." 

wb games montreal inc posted job listings hinting upcoming video game
WB Games Montréal Inc posted job listings, hinting that it's working on another video game.

In addition, another job position that's opened is for a Senior Gameplay Programmer. According to the listing, the successful candidate will "work closely with the designers and the Gameplay Lead Programmer to design, explore, and implement various gameplay systems." Not only that, though, but having experience with "Unreal Engine and Multiplayer architecture is a plus." Followingly, these listings strongly suggest that WB Games Montréal is developing another title.

So, what is WB Games Montréal developing? Well, it's hard to tell for sure. The first note is that the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment subsidiary company is almost certainly developing another video game. Secondly, this title will supposedly be an upcoming multiplayer AAA console game, possibly for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. A second project has also been whispered about for a while now. Accordingly, per a report by Video Game Chronicles, an employee revealed via LinkedIn that they were working on an unannounced AAA title.

wb games montreal inc next video game supposedly multiplayer AAA console title
WB Games Montréal Inc.'s next video game will supposedly be a multiplayer AAA console title.

Therefore, it's arguable that this next AAA title might be another RPG similar to Gotham Knights, exploring a lot more multiplayer content that could intertwine players' gameplay experiences and focus on other heroes and villains from the DC Universe. It could also be an entirely different game, perhaps an action-adventure title, or even as bold as an open-world video game, albeit that's a bit far-fetched.

Noteworthy, speculations regarding WB Games Montréal developing a new AAA game should be taken with a grain of salt until an official announcement by the company is made. Until then, we'll endeavor to update you regarding any further developments.

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