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What is Splitgate? Gameplay, platforms, system requirements and more

Here is everything you need to know about Splitgate, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter game, including gameplay, platforms, system requirements and more!
What is Splitgate? Gameplay, platforms, system requirements and more

Splitgate (originally released as “Splitgate: Arena Warfare” in 2019) is a rebranded PvP cross-platform multiplayer shooter title, that is essentially a cross between Halo and Portal. This sci-fi shooter game blasts the FPS genre into a new dimension with epic portal mechanics and classic close-quarters combat, with a twist. 

Players will be able to fly, flank and frag enemies in the air using portals in over 20 unique maps, each with a unique setting and play style. Best of all, Splitgate is absolutely free and is cross-play enabled across Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, which means everyone can get a piece of the action!

Splitgate: Gameplay

Splitgate’s gameplay is similar to Halo but with a fast-paced, competitive feel. Players also have a portal gun which they can use tactically to kill or evade their enemies.

The mechanics of the portal gun are intuitive and similar to Portal the game, although only certain surfaces can be used to open portals. Players can also shoot or peer through the portals, so players will need to use the mechanic tactically to outsmart or out-manoeuvre their enemies.

splitgate portal halo game gameplay free pvp shooter
Splitgate gameplay (Picture: 1047 Games)

The game is feature-rich and includes dozens of customizable characters, a competitive leaderboard and ranking systems. There are also over 15 casual and competitive game modes with over 20 unique maps * (including a volcano, underwater hotel, alien crash site and more).

splitgate pvp free shooter game maps
Olympus levitating portal arena in Splitgate (Picture: 1047 Games)

* The open beta will only have one of the 20 maps available to play on.

Splitgate: Platforms

Splitgate will be available across all major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation and PC. The crossplay functionality makes it easy for friends to play casual matches together, regardless of their skill level.

splitgate portal halo game free download crossplay
Splitgate portals (Picture: 1047 Games)

Otherwise, friends can party up and take on ranked matchmaking or even create custom, modifiable lobbies to play in (like enabling low gravity or unlimited ammo).

You can download Splitgate at the links below.

Splitgate: System requirements

Splitgate is a relatively lightweight game and should run on most computer systems. We’ve indicated the minimum recommended specifications below.

  • Operating System
    • 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Processor
    • Any dual-core CPU
  • Video Card
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 1 GB
  • Memory
    • 6 GB of RAM
  • Storage
    • 15 GB of available storage space

A broadband internet connection is required to play Splitgate. 

You can check out the video below to get a feel for its gameplay and mechanics to find out if this game is for you.

Splitgate will officially launch for free on the 27th of July but the open beta is currently live across all major platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

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Header image via 1047 Games.