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What Time Does Habbo Hotel Origins Launch?

Time to party like its 2005!
What Time Does Habbo Hotel Origins Launch?

Habbo Hotel is back just as you remember it thanks to the upcoming launch of Habbo Hotel Origins. One of Habbo Hotel's long-time developers has lovingly restored the game back to its original state during its popular reign, and players will be able to hop back in later today.

Update: The Habbo social channels have issued the 30 minute warning!

When Does Habbo Hotel Origins Launch?

According to the official blog posts and Habbo Hotel social media posts, the development team aren't able to give an exact time for the Habbo Hotel Origins launch. However, they will be doing two things in order for fans to prepare:

  1. An in-game alert will be sent out on Habbo, the modern iteration of Habbo Hotel, roughly 30 minutes ahead of launch.
  2. The launch time will be posted on the following X accounts: 

At 13:40pm UK time, the official Habbo social accounts issued a 30 minute warning. Habbo Hotel Origins is expected to launch at 2:10pm BST. 

What Is Habbo Hotel Origins?

Habbo Hotel Origins is exactly as you'd expect: a re-launching of the original Habbo Hotel only this time with a more community-led approach. There will be three different hotels for three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. At the  InfoBus Park in Habbo Hotel Origins, players will be able to vote and give their opinions on the development of Habbo.

So what's the catch? Well, only the above three languages will be available, and the game will be 18+ only. Players can still buy Credits as they did back in the day to go towards furniture and other in-game items, and while the plan is for Habbo Hotel Origins to stay the developers have stated that it all depends on how sustainable it is. 

Habbo Hotel Origins launches later today, on June 18, 2024.