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What year does Dying Light 2 take place?

The story of Dying Light 2 is set in the near future, but what year does Dying Light 2 take place exactly?
What year does Dying Light 2 take place?

The release of zombie apocalypse horror game Dying Light 2 is imminent, and its intriguing storyline raises numerous questions among fans. Unlike the original game, Dying Light 2 is set in a typical central-European town called "The City."

Players will take the role of the new main protagonist, Aiden Caldwell, who came to the city to find his missing sister. However, Aidan will soon find himself pulled into the city's complicated relationships between various factions.

In Dying Light 2, the story elements will be more prominent and their importance will be visible as you progress through the game.

Among the many aspects emphasised include the game's branching narrative, character development, interhuman relationships, and general "how will humanity cope with a sudden return to the modern dark ages" theme.

Although we know that Dying Light 2 is the follow-up to its predecessor, we aren't sure precisely what year the story occurs.

When does Dying Light 2 take place?

The events of the original Dying Light game, which was released in January 2015, are actually set in 2014. So, technically speaking, the game was set in the past, even at the time of its publication.

When does Dying Light 2 take place?
Dying Light 2 is a sequel to Dying Light, taking place later in time and in a different city. (Picture: Techland)

Although Dying Light's story is not set in our universe, it shares many similarities with our world. That's why the timeline of events should not be seen through real-life events in our universe.

So, if Dying Light 1 takes place in 2014, when does Dying Light 2 happen?

According to the game's official Steam page, Aiden Caldwell (our main protagonist) arrives at The City "over 20 years" after the events in Harran, the fictional Middle Eastern city where the first game takes place.

What year does Dying Light 2 take place?
The events of Dying Light 2 start in 2036. (Picture: Techland)

This puts the events of Dying Light 2 somewhere in the mid-2030s, but we still don't have a precise year. If it's precisely after 20 years, then it would be 2034?

Thankfully, developers have cleared out this mystery during the PC Gamer show in July 2021, where one of the Dying Light 2 developers explained that Aiden comes to The City in 2036, and that's when the game starts.

So, there you have it, Dying Light 2 takes place in 2036, or 22 years following the events of Dying Light 1, and 11 years after the infamous "Black Monday" event, when the military dropped "THV Chemicals" onto the city, turning most people into infected.


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Featured image courtesy of Techland