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When does the Lost Ark beta end?

Here you will learn about the end date for the Lost Ark closed beta so that you know exactly how many days you have left to play the Amazon-published MMO.
When does the Lost Ark beta end?

Popular Korean MMO Lost Ark has finally come to Europe and the Americas, where MMO enthusiasts have a chance to test the game during the closed beta.

The award-winning MMO was developed by Seoul-based Smilegate RPG and it has been a hit in South Korea, Russia, and Japan.

Now, MMO fans from the western hemisphere are diving into the vast and diverse world of Arkesia, with many wonders waiting for them to be discovered. The game is being published by Amazon and it will release on Steam next year, but this November players got a chance to play the game for the first time, thanks to the closed beta test.

Asides from testing the existing 15 hero classes, the western audience will have an exclusive chance to test a brand new class added to the game - the Martial Artist Striker Sub Class subclass, alongside new dungeons, islands, and boss fights.

Lost Ark closed beta end date and time

When does the Lost Ark beta end date
The mysterious world of Arkesia awaits you to explore it. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The closed beta test kicked off on 4th November and players can still sign up for a chance to participate either through the official website or receive access to the close beta automatically by purchasing any of the Founder's Pack editions of Lost Ark.

While there's a host of new content, the main focus of the closed beta is to test technical aspects of the game, such as server stability and bugs across different aspects of the game.

If you finally have some free time, or if you have just received your invitation to the close beta, there are still a few days left to test the game, so hurry jump and jump right into the adventure.

Lost Ark closed beta end date and time
Numerous new islands have been added to the game. (Picture: Amazon Games)

The Lost Ark closed beta will end on Thursday, 11th November, at 11:59 am PT / 2:59 pm ET / 7:59 pm UTC /  9:59 pm CET.

For more information about the closed beta, check out the official announcement on the game's website. Lost Ark is set to be released in early 2022, after it was delayed a few months ago, with the exact release date yet to be announced.

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Featured image courtesy of Amazon Games.