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When the gaming community reacts to Biden's victory. Or Trump's loss really

Twitter is going crazy, with people reacting to Joe Biden's very recent victory. Whether they are happy, unhappy or simply don't care, let's just look at how gamers, influencers and content creators reacted.
When the gaming community reacts to Biden's victory. Or Trump's loss really
One of the most awaited news has just been published: Joe Biden wins the Presidency in the US election 2020.

Celebrities have taken to social media to express their feeling at this news, including gamers, influencers and famous content creators. Let's look at some of the most epic reactions!

First, thehappy ones:

Black Girl Gamers

The online community created by Jay-Ann Lopez in 2015 is dancing, congratulating America on their account.



Rod Breslau
Take a look and listen to New York's reaction, shared by Rod "Slasher" Breslau.



aka the Fall Guys Community Director. Bamboozled!




No need to feel down in djWHEAT's house. The Twitch Content Director is even dancing at home. "There's no need to be unhappy apparently.




Soulja Boy

DeAndre Cortez Wa, aka Soulja Boy took to Twitter to congraulate Biden and Kamala Harris.



Vaati Vydia

The Youtuber chose to post one simple picture and yet it says it all about he feels:



Sean Plott
Sean Plott, better known as Day[9] is ready to celebrate. Food makes everything better doesn't it?



The more cynical


The official LEC caster is already looking at the next step.  



The TikTok influencer reached thousands of users whith her most recent post,

And those (many) who immediately moved on to other topics. The R6 official caster, Geo, for example who remains focused on the game, whatever happens.


 Medic is feeling nostalgic. About the Worlds!




and of course everything related to the next gen consoles: 


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