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Where to find The Mandalorian (and his Mythic loot) in Fortnite Season 5

Fortnite Season 5 has welcomed The Mandolarian in the latest cross-over and players can not only do battle with the bounty hunter but take his Mythic weapons as reward too.
Where to find The Mandalorian (and his Mythic loot) in Fortnite Season 5
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has brought with it a raft of new content, from a revamped map courtesy of Marvel supervillain Galactus who exposed the Zero Point energy source that powers the world of Fortnite... or something like that, to new weapons, a Bounty system,  and, of course, the new Season 5 Battle Pass

And where last season we have the cast of Marvel Avenger's joining the fray, Season 5 is introducing Star Wars, specifically Disney+'s The Mandalorian, characters too the game.

The first of which is the titular character himself, The Mandalorian, who is the first in line with players already able to find and do battle with the bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian fortnite season 5 where to find mythic weapons
(Picture: Epic Games / Disney)

Not only can players take on The Mandalorian they also have the opportunity to pick up his weapon, as his Amban Sniper Rifle (and his Jetpack) are Season 5's first Mythic-level loot.

Yes - love it or hate it - Mythic loot is going nowhere and more is expected as more characters from The Mandalorian make their way into the game.

But for now, let's show you how you can get your hands on that Ambian Sniper Rifle.

Where to find The Mandalorian in Fortnite Season 5

Finding The Mandalorian isn't all that difficult, you can find him patrolling around the south of Colossal Coliseum, as seen in the map below.

You will find not only the man himself but his ship too.

The Mandalorian chest location
(Picture: Epic Games)

Taking down The Mandalorian and flying off with his Mythic loot

Taking him down isn't all that difficult either like most of these so-called Mythic bosses high-ground seems to totally scupper them. So build up or sit perched on a hill (there is natural high ground built up by sand around his ship) and fire down on him.

Once you've downed him he will drop his Amban Sniper Rifle and Jetpack. 

Pick them up and off you go!