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Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons To Pick

Here are the best weapons you can pick in Wild Hearts to thrash enemies easily in the game.
Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons To Pick

Wild Hearts will test your skills by putting you up against fearsome beasts that you will need to hunt alone or with friends, and to battle against them; you can take the help of a variety of weapons available in the game. There are a total of eight types of weapons in Wild Hearts, and some of them are stronger than others, and you definitely want to pick up the best ones to defeat the beasts easily.

In that case, we have prepared Wild Hearts weapon tier list that will help you select the best weapons for you and save you the time it might take to test all of them.

Wild Hearts Best Weapon Tier List

Best weapons to use in Wild Hearts.
Best weapons to use in Wild Hearts. (Picture: Electronics Arts)
  • S-Tier: The most powerful weapons in the game and will help you tackle all tricky battles no matter what the situation is.
  • A-Tier: If you don't have S-tier weapons, you can pick these up, and they can prove pretty dangerous if used correctly.
  • B-Tier: These are average weapons available in the game, and if you have a choice, you should pick one of the S-tier or A-tier weapons.
  • C-Tier: These weapons should be avoided at all costs if you want to beat strong enemies and should only be used in the beginning when you don't have access to powerful options.

Without any further ado, let's jump straight into the Wild Hearts best weapon tier list.


  • Karakuri Staff: Karakuri Staff is definitely the best weapon in the game. Its attacks are fast-paced, and the weapon is easy to use. Not only this, but its different forms, including Long Staff, Twin Fang, War Pike, Giant Shuriken, and Juggernaut Blade, make it a versatile weapon to use in different situations.
  • Karakuri Katana: Karakuri Katana is the most balanced weapon in Wild Hearts and is perfect for slashing enemies at close range. It offers rapid strikes, slower but powerful heavy slashes, and extended chain combos that will always put you in an advantageous situation against the beast.


  • Bow: If you can't go closer to a beast but still want to kill it, then Bow is the weapon to go for. It swaps between two stances variations and uses resonance damage with two different arrow types to take down Kemono from a distance, saving you some ugly fight.
  • Claw Blade: If you love speed attacks, Claw Blade is one of the fastest weapons in the game; however, you will have to compromise a bit on the damage. It will help you move quickly in battle, and with its aerial combos, you can thrash the enemies down in no time.


  • Maul: Maul is a heavy hammer melee that can provide heavy damage to the enemy using its combos; however, it has a low attack speed and will decrease your mobility as well. Thus, you should not be using it again, fast beasts, unless you are using its unique ability that will increase damage and speed.
  • Bladed Wagasa: Bladed Wagasa can give you great defense while battling; however, it will fail in situations where you are fighting against multiple enemies. However, if you like to play passive, you can pick this weapon with aerial attacks, graceful strikes, and coordinated slashes to slay the enemies; however, make sure you master your timing of using it.


  • Nodachi: Nodachi is a combination of Karakuri Katana and Maul that can be used at close range to give heavy damage to enemies. However, it will slow you down, and its attacking speed is low as well. Not only this, its special attack is heavy stamina consuming, so you need to consider these things before picking it up.
  • Hand Cannon: Hand Cannon is another long-range weapon in the game that will deal damage to enemies through explosions and beam attacks. However, it will be less effective in some of the stronger beasts, and aiming would also be challenging.

One thing you should keep in mind is that this tier list is based on our opinion, and yours can be completely different from it. Either way, we suggest you pick the weapons that you are most comfortable with.