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Will Project 007 James Bond Game Be At The Xbox Showcase?

Could we finally see Project 007 again at the upcoming Xbox Bethesda showcase?
Will Project 007 James Bond Game Be At The Xbox Showcase?

The Xbox & Bethesda showcase is fast approaching, with fans wondering if IO Interactive's new James Bond title, codenamed Project 007, will show up. The Hitman developers announced the game a couple of years ago with a brief title tease, so we'd quite like to see more.

Will we see Project 007 At The Xbox Bethesda Showcase?

It's possible, albeit unlikely. All we have of the game so far is the reveal that the game is currently in production, similar to how MachineGames Indiana Jones game was revealed. If we were to see it again, it'd likely be a combination CG trailer interspersed with in-engine footage, without any release date at all available for the game. It's probably a pretty long way away, perhaps in 2025 or 2026. We also don't know what type of game it is, though with the Hitman developers behind the title we can probably imagine that the game will look and play something like that.

What's really interesting about the game is that it was confirmed we won't be playing as a pre-established Bond, unlike all of the other James Bond games. This will be an origin story for a brand new James Bond, which means he could be played by literally anybody. With his recent foray into games with Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, this could finally be the way we see Idris Elba as James Bond, which is something people have wanted for a long, long time now.