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World of Warcraft Fake News - All the Scarlet Brotherhood manifestos

Even World of Warcraft has fake news in the form of Manifestos from the Scarlet Brotherhood
World of Warcraft Fake News - All the Scarlet Brotherhood manifestos
Fake news is everywhere, even in Azeroth. NPCs in World of Warcraft aren't the smartest, as they can't even acknowledge the presence of players until Shadowlands hits. This is probably why the Scarlet Brotherhood has decided to spread some World of Warcraft fake news.

The World of Warcraft fake news was sneakily released by Blizzard quite some time ago but they haven't been found and spread around until recently.

This is due to their location, which resulted in most players not finding them, or even knowing what they really are.

What these Manifestos from the Scarlet Brotherhood really are, is World of Warcraft fake news, with conspiracy theories within. Currently, there are four books, namely:

  • The Cursed Old Wolf
  • The Traitor King
  • The Would-Be Queen
  • The Last Menethil

For those who want to read the World of Warcraft fake news in-game, they are located in Tirisfal Glades, close to Calston's Estate at the location (43.79 54.89) on your map.

However, if you've completed the introductory scenario in Battle for Azeroth, and witnessed the destruction of Lordaeron, you will need to speak to Zidormi to travel back in time to read the World of Warcraft fake news.

If this is too much of a hassle for you, then you can read the World of Warcraft fake news below. Thanks go to WoWHead for transcribing the fake news. 


The Cursed Old Wolf


We all know that Anduin Wrynn is a traitor to his race and does not deserve to be king. The facts are INDISPUTABLE.

So who should be king? For now, there is only one answer: Genn Greymane.

Yes, we must rally behind a shapeshifting monster, cursed by a night elf plague to spend half his life as a beast.


Because for all his many flaws, Greymane HATES the Forsaken. He wants the Banshee DEAD. His goals align with ours, and he has the forces to get the job done.

But do not worry, brothers and sisters, Greymane is NOT a long-term solution. We will follow him only until the undead are wiped out.

Then we will bring down Greymane and turn our blades upon the rest of his cursed kind.

It will be a challenge to hide your disdain for the mongrel worgen. But we must do it for a time, brothers and sisters.

Once Lordaeron is free of undead filth, the Scarlet Brotherhood will FINISH the job and ensure that only pure-blooded humans hold this land!


The Traitor King


The current King of Stormwind pretends that he represents our interests. That he cares about us.

He does not.

Anduin Wrynn is unworthy of his name and heritage. He cares more about the undead than his living subjects. He has betrayed us all.

It was the boy-king who conspired with Sylvanas Windrunner to forge a pact between humans and undead. The meeting in the Arathi Highlands was a staged event to drum up sympathy for his cause.

You have heard stories that the so-called "Forsaken" were killed by the Banshee. FALSE. There was no massacre. But Anduin wants you to believe there was.

Why the deception? Because he wants us to feel SORRY for those monsters. To welcome them back into our lives. To give up the lands we've fought so hard to hold onto.

Lordaeron belongs to the LIVING. It is our LEGACY. Do not be tricked by the FALSE king!

The Scarlet Brotherhood must bring an end to Anduin's puppet reign. Unite and rise up against his treachery!


The Would-Be Queen


We all know that Terenas Menethil was the last true liege of Lordaeron. In fact, he was the last GREAT king in all of Azeroth.

Sadly, he was murdered by a son who had become obsessed with undeath. The same prince who slaughtered so many of our loved ones and raised them up as MONSTERS.

Yet we clung to one hope for the Menethil dynasty to live on: Princess Calia, the last living heir of King Terenas.

Sadly, that hope has been taken from us by a dark CONSPIRACY led by one of our own.

Though she was serving as a humble priestess, Calia Menethil was destined to REIGN in Lordaeron one day. The people of this great land would have risen up and helped her fight for the throne.

Anduin Wrynn knew this. He FEARED such a challenge to his reign. So he set about to bring her down.

The boy-king CONSPIRED with the Banshee herself to arrange a meeting between the living and the dead under a FALSE flag of truce. Traitor Wrynn seduced the Banshee into staging a FAKE massacre to lure out the good-hearted Princess Calia.

Then the traitor king had our princess MURDERED.

But that was not the end of Anduin's foul scheme. No, he had his Banshee lover raise Calia as a lich... practically SPITTING on the grave of good King Terenas!


Because the traitor king is OBSESSED with the dead! He plans to MARRY Calia and secure his right to the throne of Lordaeron.

The Scarlet Brotherhood will not allow this to happen! We will BRING DOWN the traitor king and his undead puppet!

With tears in our eyes, we will burn the corpse of Princess Calia. Upon her ashes, Lordaeron will return to GREATNESS!


The Last Menethil


Knowing that our dear Princess Calia was ASSASSINATED by Traitor Wrynn and raised as undead is a pang in our hearts, brothers and sisters.

But do not lose hope! King Terenas' dynasty will yet live on!

It was a well-guarded secret that during the late days of her father's reign, Princess Calia wed a nobleman of the ARATHI bloodline.

The prideful Arthas demanded that this truth remain hidden until he himself had wed and sired an heir. Of course, that never came to be.

But... a child WAS indeed born!

Princess Calia gave birth to a son. Yes, an HEIR to the Menethil throne!

Sadly, the princess was separated from her husband and child during a Scourge attack. Her family was presumed dead.

But let joy fill your hearts, friends... for the child was SAVED!

The young prince was rescued by a good-hearted citizen of Lordaeron. He has been kept sheltered and safe all these years by members of the Scarlet Brotherhood. We have him in a SECURE location that must, for obvious reasons, remain secret.

We had intended to reunite the young heir with his mother. Sadly, the Traitor King of the Alliance had Princess Calia murdered by his Banshee lover. The abomination that now walks this land is NOT Princess Calia!

Retribution will fall upon these monsters! Lordaeron is for the LIVING!

Let hope rise in your hearts, brothers and sisters. Once we have purged the undead FILTH and the CURSED worgen from our homeland, the young king will be revealed!

The Traitor Wrynn will be exposed and our TRUE king will take the throne. The Menethil dynasty WILL be restored!