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How To Get Full Resurrection In TYPE SOUL

Are you an Arrancer? Want to unlock your full power? Here's how to get Full Res in TYPE SOUL Roblox!
How To Get Full Resurrection In TYPE SOUL
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Do you want to learn how to unlock Full Resurrection, or Full Res, in TYPE SOUL? If so, you've come to the right place! As an Arrancar class player, this is one skill you definitely don't want to miss. Note that you'll first need to learn how to get the Partial Resurrection before continuing with this guide.

Assuming you're ready to proceed, the Full Res is an epic power-up that reveals the true strength of the Hollow. Once unlocked, you can unleash your sealed abilities and transform into a powerful form, giving you an edge in the game. Here's everything about how to get the Full Res in TYPE SOUL.

What Is Full Res in TYPE SOUL?

In the anime and manga series Bleach, Resurrección (or Resurrection) is a special power-up available to the Arrancar class of Hollows. This skill is also featured in the Roblox game TYPE SOUL, offering Arrancer players many insanely powerful moves that make them substantially stronger.

In the Bleach story, the Arrancar can lock their special abilities in their swords. These swords are special because they are pieces of what the Arrancar used to be when they were full Hollows. When they release their swords, they become super powerful, returning to their original Hollow form. This is when they use Resurrección.

How To Unlock Full Res In TYPE SOUL?


The process of obtaining Full Resurrection in TYPE SOUL is a three-step process. You can find all the requirements below.

Step 1

  • Reach the Top 100 ELO and hold it for at least 15 hours.
  • Obtain 175-200 Karakura Raid wins.
  • Perform 30K Healing in Raids without dying.

Note: You only need to do one of the options for Step 1.

Step 2

  • Grip 40-50 Elites (pro tip: you can repeatedly grip one friend of an opposing faction)
  • Kill 150 Hollows
  • Kill 3-5 BawaBawa (the Serpent Boss in Hueco Mundo)

Note: You must do all the options without dying.

Step 3

  • Jump into the Menos Pit and meditate at the Sword Statue for 10 minutes.
  • You will then be teleported into the Los Notches Maze. Once there, you must try and navigate through the Maze and find your Hollow.
  • If you fail the Maze, you'll need to grip three players of an opposing faction before you can try again. The Maze will also go on cooldown for 10 minutes.

All Resurrections

These are all the possible Resurrections you can unlock in TYPE SOUL:

  • Starrk Resurrection (Legendary)
  • Acid  Resurrection (Common)
  • Bone Resurrection (Common)
  • Slash Resurrection (Common)
  • Storm Resurrection (Common)

How To Check Resurrection Status In TYPE SOUL


If you want to check your TYPE SOUL Res (or your Voltstanding or Bankia, for that matter) status, you can go to the V - Unequaled, Unrivaled NPC. You can find him in the Town next to Kisuke's location in the large barn. His response will determine how close you are to unlocking the Full Resurrection.

You can use the table below to decipher your current Res percentage in TYPE SOUL.

Resurrection (%) NPC Response
0% You will never become anything compared to what I am.
20% A couple of kills won't get you anywhere. Stop bothering me.
40% Why do you keep coming back? You're still pathetic
60% Maybe you're not so bad after all. But I'm still not impressed.
80% You're quite unbelievable; you know that?
100% Unequaled. Unrivaled. Go make me proud, lil bro.

And that's everything you need to know about how to unlock Full Resurrection in TYPE SOUL. We want to extend a special thank you to the YouTuber Corgi for their details walkthrough. If our instructions were unclear, we suggest you watch the video below for a visual guide.

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