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World War Z: Aftermath - Release date, gameplay, system requirements and more

World War Z: Aftermath’s release is just around the corner and we have the game’s release date alongside important details including system requirements and more about the game.
World War Z: Aftermath - Release date, gameplay, system requirements and more

Many have written off World War Z for being yet another game on a list of film-to-game tie-ins; however, the game has developed a large following to become one of the largest co-op shooters titles. The next evolution for the title is the release of its first expansion that builds upon what the developers have already laid with new features and revamped mechanics for a brand new experience.

If you haven’t acquainted yourself with World War Z yet, now is the best time to join the fight and turn the tide of the zombie apocalypse solo or in a team of four players.

World War Z: Aftermath release date, time and more

World War Z: Aftermath is expected to release worldwide on 21st September on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam and Epic Game Store for $39.99 USD, however, the exact release time will be platform dependent. For Nintendo Switch owners, no word if the expansion will be coming to the console, but World War Z will make its platform debut on 2nd November for which pre-orders are available.

World War Z Aftermath
The horde returns in World War Z: Aftermath, the game’s first expansion. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

If you are planning to wait for the game’s release date, it should be available within your region for PlayStation and Xbox at midnight. Players on Steam will likely wait a bit longer as new games on the service usually release around 10 am PST / 6 pm BST.

Players are able to play World War Z: Aftermath two days early through early access for pre-orders or upgrades on 19th September across the same platforms with the exception of the Nintendo Switch. If you are planning to upgrade the original game, all your game progress will transfer over at a discounted price of $19.99 USD.

What is World War Z: Aftermath about?

World War Z: Aftermath is the first expansion for the 2019 co-op zombie shooter, World War Z, which is inspired by the film of the same name. The game places a great emphasis on strong teamwork as you will work together to fend off waves of zombie hordes. The expansion retains most of these features but includes new components that will add something fresh and dynamic to the game.

Developers Saber Interactive added the new first-person shooter option that brings players closer to the zombie action, giving players a more visceral experience while changing up the combat and mobility to adapt to the new mode.

World War Z new features
The new First-Person Mode brings the chaotic zombie action upfront with changes to the combat and mobility for a brand new experience. (Picture: Saber Interactive)

A new class will also be added with the expansion, which should help players minimise the zombie threat. The Vanguard class have a unique weapon in their arsenal, an electric shield, which when utilised can deal damage through hordes by blasting holes.

The game’s melee combat system has received a revamp with new weapons that can aid players in a tight squeeze or just out of ammo. Whether it be a sledgehammer, cleavers or a baseball bat, clearing hordes or playing Whac-A-Mole with zombie skulls will be more fun than gunplay.

Aftermath will introduce two new map locations to fight against the horde: Rome and Kamchatka. From the cobblestone streets to the Roman catacombs, every inch of this Italian metropolis will be covered by hordes that are taking over the city.

If bringing peace back to the Vatican City isn’t up your tempo, the frozen landscape of the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka will see players attempting to take back an abandoned nuclear submarine from the hordes that lurk nearby. However, we suggest you remain indoors for this map as the freezing temperatures can deplete your health.

World War Z Aftermath
Will you be able to survive the freezing temperatures and the horse in the new World War Z: Aftermath map, Kamchatka? (Picture: Saber Interactive)

World War Z: Aftermath post-launch plans

Saber Interactive has outlined post-launch content for Aftermath with a free content update is planned for this October. The update will include Daily Challenges as well as a brand new zombie type, Booster. The Horde Mode XL mode is also planned for a post-launch release as a free update; however, it is slated for a release next year.

World War Z: Aftermath system requirements

To run World War Z: Aftermath on your PC, the minimum system requirements are as follows:

  • Processor: AMD A10-5700 / Intel Core i3-3220 CPU

  • Graphics: AMD R7-240 / GForce 650Ti / Intel 630 GPU

  • Memory: 8GB of RAM

  • Storage: 50GB of storage space

  • OS: Windows 7 operating system

Furthermore, if you’re playing from Steam, it will support external controllers including the Xbox One controller, Steam Cloud, Steam Achievements and cross-platform play.


For more information on World War Z: Aftermath, check out the official game website, join their Discord server as well as their official Twitter account. Be sure to check out our general video games section for industry news, guides, and much more.

Featured image courtesy of Saber Interactive