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Wrestling star Matt Hardy shows his support for esports during the Coronavirus crisis

The former WWE and current All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) star popped up on UYU's Twitter account to the delight of surprised esports and wrestling fans alike.

The fast spread of Covid-19 around the world has left many businesses and organizations struggling financially as people around the world practise social distancing to further prevent the spread of the virus, with both wrestling and esports taking major hits in their day to day operations.

Perhaps due to hardships both industries face Matt Hardy, a WWE legend and currently on the All-Elite Wrestling (AEW) roster showed his support for esports via UYU's Twitter account with an upbeat message of support



"Please, keep your chins up, keep moving forward." He says while donning his distinctive wrestling gear.

Adding, "stay positive, stay optimistic, because believe me, in optimism there is magic. I want you, the UYU crew, to know, that broken Matt Hardy supports you."

UYU, an esports organization with a presence in multiple esports - ranging from Call of Duty to Gears of War, Smash, and the FGC - has suffered several setbacks when it comes to their players and teams not being able to participate on their respective titles.

Super Smash Bros. Melee player, Edgard "n0ne" L. Sheleby, one of UYU's most recent signings, won't be able to take part in the Smash World Tour after it was postponed.

A UYU hosted Tekken World Tour event set for May was also postponed until Fall.



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